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Title: One Ass to rule them all
Characters/Pairings: Kitayama/Fujigaya(/Kitayama/Kitayama/Kitayama/Kitayama/Kitayama/Kitayama/Kitayama/Kitayama/Kitayama/Kitayama...)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Tentacles, (ass) crack, lots of come
Summary: Fujigaya's dreams are full of ass.

Fujigaya knew he must be dreaming, because he knew for a fact that he hadn't been drinking and certainly hadn't taken any drugs. Nevertheless, this felt entirely real, Kitayama's firm ass hot under his fingers. He put his other hand on the second Kitayama's ass, and yes, this Kitayama had an ass just as amazing and big as the first.

The third Kitayama wriggled his ass at him and Fujigaya reached out a tentacle before his brain quite caught up with him. Now ALL the Kitayama's waved their asses at him, a sea of Kitayama's all around, all of them on their hands and knees with their asses pointing at him.

Never one to back down from a challenge, Fujigaya sent his tentacles out, one to each ass, caressing the round cheeks, tracing the muscular thighs, exploring the puckered holes. He wasn't quite sure how he controlled these tentacles, but he supposed that a dream did not have to make sense as long as there was ass.

He slipped a tentacle into the first ass, aided by the natural slipperiness of his tentacles, and soon every ass had a tentacle inside it, a pulsing, thick tentacle, caressing each firm ass from inside. The sea of asses getting fucked all around him was quite appealing, so Fujigaya pulled the nearest Kitayama, Kitayama number five, easily identifiable by the glowing red number on his forehead, up and around. Since all asses were already filled with writhing tentacles, Fujigaya decided he would have to make do with Kitayama's mouth.

More agreeable in this dream than he ever was in reality, Kitayama sucked Fujigaya's dick into his mouth with more enthusiasm than Fujigaya had ever seen him show for anything other than food.

Squeezing an ass with each hand, Fujigaya moved all his tentacles faster, the chorus of moans all around him getting louder and louder. All the Kitayama's, except for the one who had a mouth full of dick, were moaning his name. Fujigaya wasn't quite sure if he liked that. Sure, Kitayama moaning his name was gratifying, but one hundred Kitayama's moaning his full name on repeat was kind of creepy too.

"FU. JI. GA. YA. TA. I. SU. KE," they moaned, a syllable at every thrust of his tentacles.

Determined to shut them up, Fujigaya quickly grew even more tentacles and stuffed a tentacle in each Kitayama's mouth, effectively silencing them. The Kitayamas didn't mind, sucking eagerly on the thick appendages filling their mouths.

All of those perfect, big asses getting fucked looked quite good, but Fujigaya wondered what it would FEEL like. As soon as the thought appeared, his tentacles gained sensation, and his mind nearly overloaded – it was exactly like having two hundred dicks, with those two hundred dicks all fucking Kitayama's mouth and ass at the same time. Tight wet heat, squeezing, sucking, making Kitayama the perfect fuck.

It got too much basically as soon as Fujigaya gained feeling in his tentacles, his orgasm washing through him with the power of an unstoppable force of nature. His dick and all of his tentacles twitched and spurted come at once, filling every Kitayama's mouth and ass to overflowing and beyond.

Fujigaya watched in amazement as fountains of his come geysered out of a hundred Kitayamas. Come dripped out of asses, down strong thighs, out of mouths and over pretty faces and cute noses, splashing everywhere.

The white sea of come rose and rose, covering all the Kitayamas completely until Fujigaya was the only one standing alone, an island in a veritable ocean of semen.

Fujigaya's eyes opened wide, the near darkness of his bedroom a welcome sight. “What. The. Fuck,” he cursed. Another dream. He turned around and smacked Kitayama's naked ass. “I'm NEVER coming over your face again right before bed.”
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