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Title: Roses are Red and so is your Ass.
Characters/Pairings: Taiga/Jesse
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Spanking
Summary: Jesse wants a good, hard spanking.

Jesse bent over Taiga’s desk, offering his naked ass up for inspection. When Taiga didn’t immediately move, Jesse wiggled his ass. “Come on, you know you want to.”

Moving closer, Taiga looked Jesse’s ass over. There was only one mole on Jesse’s left butt-cheek, but his right butt-cheek was decorated with eleven moles, nine small ones and two big moles. Trailing just the tip of his index finger over Jesse’s pretty moles, Taiga considered his options. Spanking Jesse with his bare hands was always fun, but they’d been waiting for a chance to use the newly bought paddles as well. They were home alone, Taiga’s parents were out for dinner, so for once they could be as loud as they wanted.

“You want my hands?” he asked Jesse. “Or the paddles?”

“Both. But your hands first,” Jesse replied immediately.

Which was pretty much the answer Taiga had expected. He trailed his fingers over Jesse’s ass as if searching for the best spot to start, caressing the smooth skin. Taiga gave Jesse’s ass a ringing slap, startling a moan out of Jesse. “Like this?” Taiga asked, knowing the answer well enough.

Jesse shook his head. “Harder,” he demanded. “I really want to feel it.”

That Taiga had no problem with. He smacked Jesse’s ass once more, using more of his strength. Jesse’s moan was correspondingly louder. The corners of Taiga’s mouth twitched - Jesse was just so into this, it was kind of cute. He slapped Jesse’s ass again and again, alternating between butt-cheeks, earning moan after pleased moan for his effort.

Jesse was panting, gasping for breath between moans. His ass was already red and his dick was hard and dripping pre-come, but he clearly hadn’t gotten enough yet. “More,” Jesse begged and Taiga shook his head.

“Doesn’t that hurt?” Taiga asked, not for the first time. He brushed gentle fingertips over Jesse’s reddened flesh, enjoying the way Jesse shivered under his touch.

“That’s the point,” Jesse explained. “It’s a good pain. I want the paddle now.”

Leaving Jesse bent over the desk, Taiga went to his closet. He rose on his tiptoes and pulled a box from the upper shelf, hoping as always that his mom would have sense enough not to look into a box hidden deep in her son’s closet. Since Jesse was occupying the desk, Taiga placed the box on the floor. He quickly sorted through his stuff, ignoring handcuffs, lube and the like, until he found the toys he’d bought recently. Hesitating a moment, he picked out two of the paddles and put the rest away for later use.

“Which do you want?”

Jesse turned his head to look over his shoulder at Taiga. He eyed the paddles in Taiga’s hands. “I…” He swallowed hard. “I want the wooden one.”

That was fine with Taiga. He put the plastic paddle on the desk for later, then leaned down and kissed Jesse’s shoulder, getting a pleased sigh in response. He kissed the mole on Jesse’s shoulderblade, licked a trail to the moles up on Jesse’s shoulder and quickly straightened up before he could get any more distracted. If he started to map Jesse’s moles with his lips and tongue, they wouldn’t get anything else done tonight.

The wooden paddle was wide to cover a big area all at once and thick enough to carry quite some force. Taiga swished it through the air experimentally a few times. He’d have to be careful with this, at least to begin with.

“Come on,” Jesse urged, “I won’t break.”

Swinging the paddle, Taiga smacked it against Jesse’s already red ass.

“Fuck!” Jesse cursed, his fingers scrabbling at Taiga’s desk. “Do that again!”

“Yeah?” Taiga asked, already swinging the paddle. He smacked Jesse’s ass hard with the paddle, encouraged by Jesse’s moan. The sound of wood on flesh was surprisingly hot, especially combined with Jesse’s cute noises. Each hit got another moan, so Taiga kept going, counting in his head until he reached twenty smacks. He set the paddle down and trailed gentle fingers over Jesse’s reddened skin, drawing cute little moans from Jesse. “Enough?”

Jesse shook his head. “Please,” he begged, so Taiga took up the plastic paddle. It was thin and flexible, more like a ruler than a paddle.

Taiga slapped Jesse’s ass with it and Jesse yelped. Raising an eyebrow at the reaction, Taiga did it again, only to get another yelp in return. “Good or not?” he asked.

“Fucking good,” Jesse replied, his voice a bit shaky. His legs didn’t seem all too steady either. “More.”

“Mh,” Taiga hummed. He was getting impatient, but Jesse didn’t sound as if he needed much more either. He smacked Jesse’s ass three more times, then dropped the plastic paddle on the desk. When he trailed his fingers over Jesse’s sore, red ass, he could feel the welts the paddle had left. Jesse had definitely gotten this wish - he’d be feeling this for quite some time.

Quick as lightning, Taiga slapped Jesse’s left butt-cheek with his hand. Just as expected, Jesse cried out when Taiga’s hand collided with his flesh. Switching back and forth between the cheeks of Jesse’s ass, Taiga set up a quick rhythm, slapping Jesse’s ass with quick flicks of his wrist until Jesse suddenly turned around.

Pressing close, Jesse kissed Taiga, the kiss desperate and messy. Jesse’s fingers scrabbled at Taiga’s shirt, but he was clearly too turned on to deal with something as difficult as buttons.

“Touch me,” Jesse begged, his erection pressing against Taiga’s hip. “Please. Taiga.”

With a grin, Taiga groped Jesse’s sore ass. Pressed close together as they were, he could feel Jesse’s groan as well as hear it. “You know the deal,” he reminded Jesse. Spanking was Jesse’s kink, so he had to get Taiga off first, just like Jesse got to get off first whenever he indulged Taiga’s hair-pulling kink.

Jesse clearly had no problem with that whatsoever. He sank to his knees and pulled Taiga’s zipper open. Taiga popped his button open himself, then pushed his jeans and boxers down. Too turned on for foreplay, Jesse took Taiga’s dick right into his mouth without playing around first, sucking hard. While Jesse blew him, Taiga brushed his fingers through Jesse’s soft hair. Jesse’s plush lips around his dick and Jesse’s soft hair under his fingers was pretty much the best finish to a day that Taiga could think of, second only to Jesse desperate and begging underneath him.

“Touch yourself,” Taiga ordered, watching his dick slide past Jesse’s pretty lips, “I want to feel your moans around my dick.”

Jesse moaned even before his hand touched his dick. Taiga grinned. That was why he’d said it - during sex, Jesse liked to be ordered around and got off on being told what to do. Jesse jerked himself off with quick, rough strokes, but he didn’t forget about Taiga either. He kept bobbing his head, taking Taiga’s dick deep into his mouth each time. Each one of Jesse’s moans send shivers down Taiga’s spine, both from the sound and from the vibrations around his dick.

“Look at me,” Taiga demanded, tugging lightly on Jesse’s hair. Without stopping the movement of his head and hands, Jesse looked up at Taiga, his eyes full of heat and desire. “You look so good like that,” Taiga praised, brushing his thumb lightly over Jesse’s cheekbone, “on your knees, with my dick in your mouth.”

Pleased by the compliment, Jesse bobbed his head faster and stroked himself at the same pace, all the time keeping his eyes fixed on Taiga’s. It wasn’t long before Taiga felt himself nearing his limit. “Turn around, on your hands and knees,” he told Jesse.

Jesse drew back until only the head of Taiga’s dick remained in his mouth. He flicked his tongue against it, teasing with little licks of his tongue until Taiga wasn’t sure he’d be able to last any longer. Jesse finally let go off Taiga’s dick, grinning knowingly, then he turned around and presented his ass to Taiga. Taiga brushed his fingers over the reddened skin, feeling the welts the paddles had left on Jesse’s flesh.

While he caressed Jesse’s sore ass, Taiga jerked himself off with slow, long strokes, the slow pace payback for Jesse’s teasing - the longer he lasted, the longer Jesse would have to wait too. Though even with revenge in mind, Taiga couldn’t last much longer. It was just two or three minutes later that he felt his orgasm approaching. He slapped Jesse’s ass one last time, then came to the sound of Jesse’s moan. Taiga’s come splashed all over Jesse’s red, spanked ass, decorating it with small droplets.

Finally spent, Taiga sank to the floor. From up close, Jesse’s ass looked even more appealing, the moles and drops of come almost making patterns together. As soon as Taiga settled on the floor, Jesse turned around and climbed into his lap, kissing him desperately. One of Taiga’s hands went squarely onto Jesse’s ass, while his other hand wrapped loosely around Jesse’s dick. Taiga quite enjoyed having Jesse naked and desperate in his lap and Jesse’s moans were utterly distracting.

“Slap my ass,” Jesse begged, clutching tightly at Taiga’s shoulders. “Come on, Taiga, please.”

“Hm, should I?” Taiga asked, squeezing Jesse’s ass.

Jesse groaned. “Don’t tease now. Please.” He trailed kisses across Taiga’s cheek and blew on his ear, trying to convince Taiga by distracting him. Taiga wasn’t so easily distracted, especially not after he’d just come, but after a few more minutes of Jesse moaning and begging right against his ear, he gave in anyway. Taiga smacked Jesse’s ass hard, making him groan and at the same time stroked Jesse’s dick more firmly.

It took only three more slaps for Jesse to come. He clutched at Taiga’s shoulders and moaned Taiga’s name, shaking in Taiga’s arms as he came and came, making quite a mess all over Taiga’s hand and the front of Taiga’s shirt.

Taiga ran soothing hands up and down Jesse’s back, calming him. It was a few minutes before Jesse had collected himself enough to speak. He brushed his lips over Taiga’s and murmured, “Your hands are still the best.”

Jesse stood up and winced - now that the excitement was over and the adrenaline had faded, his ass actually hurt quite a bit. Shaking his head, Taiga went over to his box of supplies again and got out some moisturizing cream. “Lie down,” he told Jesse, “if I don’t get this cream on your ass soon, you’ll totally get yelled at tomorrow at work.”

Jesse flopped down onto Taiga’s bed face down, the only position where nothing touched his ass. “Why do I always think this is a good idea? Oww.”

Patting Jesse’s hip, Taiga sat down next to him and began to spread cooling cream over Jesse’s red and sore ass. “Because you’re a kinky freak,” he suggested. “Besides, you’ll only be uncomfortable tomorrow. Remember how long Juri was cursing after he got his dick pierced? That must have ached for weeks.”

Jesse snickered, his ass shaking under Taiga’s hands. “Yeah, but Juri’s piercing is freaking hot. Definitely worth it.” He turned his head to grin at Taiga. “Getting your long fingers on my ass is totally worth getting yelled at by the choreographer too.”

“Thanks.” Taiga leaned down and kissed that spot between Jesse’s shoulderblades, then slowly licked his way up from mole to mole. He wasn’t sure if Jesse would be up to any more fun that night, but Jesse’s pretty moles definitely needed kissing in any case.
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