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Title: Symmetry Dance
Characters/Pairings: Juri/Shintaro
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Sex without a condom, facial
Summary: Juri figures out what Shintaro wants and why Shintaro thought he couldn’t have it.

It had taken Juri a small fortune in bribes to achieve, but he’d finally been able to get rooms shuffled around so that he and Shintaro were in a hotel room alone.

Shintaro flopped backwards onto his hotel bed. “Shouldn’t there be four of us in each room?”

Juri shrugged. “You snore like a hippo; no one wanted to share with you.”

Shintaro eyed him suspiciously. “Did you eat those beans again? I swear, if you fart all night, I’m going to share with Reia.”

“You do that,” Juri replied with a grin. Reia was sharing with Jinguji and Genki and two more juniors. Shintaro wouldn’t last five minutes before he got scandalized and fled back to Juri’s only vaguely dubious protection.

Sorting through his bag, Juri kept a casual eye on Shintaro. By the time he had ascertained that he had somehow neglected to pack any underwear that wasn’t Disney, Shintaro had gotten comfortable on the bed and seemed nicely relaxed. Juri dropped his shirt on his own bed, then crawled into Shintaro’s bed, flopping against Shintaro’s side.

“Aren’t you cold?” Shintaro asked. “If you get sick, I’m totally exchanging you for another Tanaka.”

Juri considered for a moment if explaining that the goose bumps on his back and arms weren’t from the cold was worth the effort, but decided against it. Shintaro was just so comfortable, warm and just squishy enough to nap on, like the best body pillow in the world. When Juri rested his head on Shintaro’s shoulder, getting comfortable, Shintaro began to rub his hands over Juri’s back in an attempt to warm him up.

“Are you warm now?” Shintaro asked ten minutes later. “Should I take my shirt off too? Skin to skin you’ll warm up fastest.”

Juri had to blink several times. He’d almost fallen asleep, lured to sleep by the touch of Shintaro’s warm hands. Most of him was relaxed, but certain parts of his anatomy had their usual reaction to being this close to Shintaro and his stupid handsome face and ridiculous hot body. “Hot,” Juri yawned and sat up. When Shintaro just looked confused at him, he continued, “Yeah, take your shirt off. Pants too.”

Cooperative as usual, Shintaro shrugged his shirt over his head and unzipped his jeans. Juri didn’t bother to get up to take his own jeans off, just shimmied out of them. As usual when it came to his relationship with Shintaro, he wasn’t sure if his life was hard or awesome. Being boyfriends with Shintaro wasn’t much different from being best friends most days. Sure, there was a bit more kissing, but not by much - Shintaro was convinced that kissing was a normal part of group bonding, and neither Juri nor the rest of baka6 had felt like disabusing him of that notion.

The one difference was that Juri didn’t have to feel guilty when he let his hands wander a bit more. Shintaro’s body practically invited touch, all warm, smooth skin, hard muscles and perfect proportions. It wasn’t until the third time one of Juri’s hands brushed casually over Shintaro’s boxers that Shintaro clued in. “Oh. Are we doing the… the boyfriend thing?”

Juri snickered. “Sex, Shin. Stuffin the muffin. Doin the do. Symmetry dance.”

“Symmetry-” Shintaro stopped and sat up to glare down at Juri. “Is that like the whole ‘mic practice’ thing again?” he demanded.

“You’re cute when you’re slow.” Juri reached up and pinched Shintaro’s cheek. In truth, he was pretty proud of himself and his ability to steal more and more of Shintaro’s innocence. Half a year ago, his clueless best friend would probably have been puzzled by stuffin the muffin too.

Shintaro stared down at Juri for a moment before leaning down to kiss him. Juri ran his fingers lightly through Shintaro’s hair, trying to soothe him while they kissed, but Shintaro stayed tense. With a huff of frustration, Shintaro pulled back.

“I keep getting taller and you get prettier and prettier and it sucks!” Shintaro burst out suddenly.

Laughing, Juri punched Shintaro’s shoulder. “So what? Most guys would be happy to have such a pretty and sexy boyfriend.”

“Noo,” Shintaro wailed. “You’re too pretty. Even with Fukka’s tips and a ton of make-up I can’t be even half as pretty.”

Juri shrugged. “I like your handsome fat ass.”

“But that’s just it, you CAN’T like my ass, I’m taller than you.”

“What’s… that got to do with anything?”

“And Reia said I could maybe call fifth rule and bottom anyway if I’m pretty enough, but you’re totally pretty lately with your cheekbones and your hair and everything, and then-”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, what’s this about, Shin? What rules?”

“Yaoi rules.” Shintaro huffed as if it was obvious. When Juri just stared at him, he elaborated, “Tallest tops? Bottom always comes first? I’ve even got seme hands,” Shintaro finished, holding up his hands that were indeed bigger than Juri’s.

It took nearly an hour for Juri to explain things to Shintaro and that was only in part because he kept laughing so hard that he couldn’t speak. Shintaro broke up with him three times, but that only made Juri laugh harder and in any case it didn’t stick.

The puzzled look was quite attractive on Shintaro, which was a good thing because Juri got to see it quite often. “Are you sure I don’t have to top?”

“No one’s gonna kick the door down and arrest you if I take care of your sweet little ass,” Juri reassured Shintaro with a leer. He put his hand against Shintaro’s shoulder and pushed him down, lying down on top of him before pressing their lips together. As far as experiments went, this one was a success. There was none of Shintaro’s usual hesitation. When Juri licked at Shintaro’s lips, Shintaro opened his mouth easily, kissing back enthusiastically.

Amused, Juri pinned Shintaro down, something he’d always made sure to avoid before to keep from scaring Shintaro. Instead he felt Shintaro relax under him, all the tension just flowing out of him. Encouraged, Juri sucked on Shintaro’s tongue and at the same time pushed Shintaro’s legs apart with his knees to settle between them. He dragged his hands all over Shintaro’s body, touching every single inch of hot, smooth skin and indeed, the more control he took, the more relaxed and into it Shintaro seemed.

Shintaro was soon breathing faster, panting under Juri’s teasing touches. Juri wasn’t quite sure who started it, but they were both rolling their hips, only the thin barrier of their boxers separating them. It felt amazing and Juri could easily have lost himself in the feeling, but he wasn’t sure when they’d be able to be alone like this again and he’d been wanting Shintaro for too long to let this opportunity go past. Reluctantly breaking the kiss, he sat up and knelt between Shintaro’s legs.

Hooking his fingers under the top of Shintaro’s boxers, Juri pulled them down and Shintaro raised first his hips and then his legs to let Juri pull his boxers off completely. Shintaro pulled his knees up to his shoulders, exposing himself to Juri and Juri couldn’t do anything but stare. Everything about his boyfriend was ridiculously hot - from Shintaro’s stupid, handsome face, flushed with arousal, to his muscular arms, to his strong thighs, every single part of Shintaro was driving Juri crazy with lust, and the fact that Shintaro seemed mostly unaware of his own appeal only made it better.

Shintaro kicked at Juri’s shoulder. “You act like you’ve never seen my dick before.”

Patting Shintaro’s thigh, Juri replied, “Yeah, it’s sure your dick I’m looking at.” Not that Shintaro’s dick wasn’t worth looking at; it was long and thick, bigger than any Juri had seen among their fellow juniors, but he’d seen it plenty of times before and now that Shintaro had pulled his knees up like that, Juri couldn’t keep his eyes away from his boyfriend’s ass.

Trailing his fingers down Shintaro’s thigh to his ass, Juri tried to remember all the reasons why he should probably take it slow, but when he trailed his fingers down the cleft of Shintaro’s ass, Shintaro moaned at the first light touch to his hole, driving the thoughts right out of Juri’s brain. On impulse, Juri pressed the tip of his finger against Shintaro’s hole. The muscle gave way easily and even without lube Juri’s finger went in all the way with practically no resistance.

Shintaro moaned, sounding entirely happy with the experience. Dazed, Juri pulled his finger most of the way out and pushed it in once more, slower this time. Shintaro’s inner walls squeezed silky hot around his finger, filling Juri’s head with images of his dick finally, finally sliding into Shintaro and feeling those hot walls squeeze around him.

When Shintaro loudly demanded more, Juri finally woke from his daze and pulled his finger free. Shintaro’s ass might have been as special as the rest of him, but for anything more they definitely needed lube. He got up and went to his bag, grinning at Shintaro’s complaints.

“Get back here!” Shintaro demanded, so Juri continued digging through his bag even though he’d already found the bottle of lube and several condoms.

Even the amusement of listening to Shintaro’s increasing frustration couldn’t keep Juri away for long. He settled back down on the bed and coated his fingers generously with lube. Juri silently debated whether or not he should blow Shintaro while he prepped him, but decided against it - Shintaro clearly needed no help to relax and besides, Shintaro’s dick was so big that Juri couldn’t multitask if he wanted to avoid choking on it.

Shintaro’s balls were quite sensitive so Juri trailed his lube-slick fingers over them for a few moments before going in for the kill. Without much teasing, he pushed two of his fingers right into Shintaro, who moaned and finally stopped complaining. If Juri hadn’t known for sure that Shintaro was a virgin, he wouldn’t have been able to believe it - even Hokuto was rarely this relaxed, this easy for it, but then again, Juri had known from the very first day that Shintaro was special and this wasn’t anywhere near the most surprising thing Shintaro had done.

Twisting his fingers inside Shintaro, Juri promised himself that he’d get Shintaro off by simply fingerfucking him some day. Shintaro was so sensitive, moaning at every twist and curl, that it would probably be pretty easy, but right now Juri wanted to fuck him too much to try it. Shintaro was pushing back against his fingers eagerly, so Juri threw common sense out of the window and added a third finger. If Shintaro couldn’t walk tomorrow, he’d feel incredibly guilty, but right now Shintaro was clearly as impatient as he was, so Juri really couldn’t care less about what he should and shouldn’t do.

It should have been too soon, but the third finger went in without much trouble. Juri twisted his fingers, spreading the lube around and caressing Shintaro’s inner walls, drawing surprisingly cute moans from Shintaro. After one last twist, Juri pulled his fingers free. He reached for a condom and hesitated. “Do you want me to wear one?” he asked, holding the condoms up.

Shintaro blinked up at him, looking puzzled. “Why? It’s not like you’re gonna knock me up.”

“Shin!” Juri snickered. “No, I mean, I always use them, so we probably should. It’s safer.”

Shintaro shrugged his shoulders. “Just do me already. It’s fine.”

“But-” Juri hesitated. He wasn’t worried for himself - he knew Shintaro was a virgin. But he himself had slept around a bit and while he’d always been careful, he still didn’t want to risk giving his boyfriend anything nasty.

“You always used them so that you wouldn’t have to use them now. Obviously.” Shintaro rolled his eyes. “Now stop dithering around and get in me.”

With a laugh, Juri dropped the condoms. Shintaro hadn’t sounded that commanding in years, probably since that first growth spurt that turned him from a tiny dictator into an awkward teenager. “Fine, but if I knock you up, it’s your own fault.”

“That’s fair,” Shintaro agreed seriously.

With the lube leftover on his fingers, Juri quickly slicked his dick up before lining himself up. He took a deep breath and then pushed in, almost shaking with the effort of holding back and going slow. Shintaro was hot and tight around his dick, squeezing just right. From the sound of Shintaro’s happy moans, he probably needn’t have bothered going slow. As soon as Juri was fully sheathed, Shintaro made a grab for him and pulled him down into a hug.

Shintaro’s strong arms and legs wrapped around him and Juri chuckled, his face pressed against Shintaro’s neck. Despite their positions, he really wasn’t in control here, Shintaro’s grip much too strong for him to break. Juri nipped at the side of Shintaro’s neck. “If you don’t let me move, we’re never gonna get anywhere,” he pointed out. His dick shifting inside Shintaro was nice, very nice, but Juri knew it could be so much better if Shintaro’s legs around his hips didn’t hold him down quite that tightly.

Shintaro wiggled under him and Juri snickered, but after a moment Shintaro seemed to realize the truth of Juri’s statement and the iron grip of Shintaro’s thighs on Juri’s hips lessened marginally. Slowly, Juri drew back before pushing back in, the slide of his dick against Shintaro’s inner walls much better than he could have imagined. He didn’t have much room to move, so Juri fucked Shintaro with short, deep thrusts.

Pressed close together as they were, Juri could feel each one of Shintaro’s moans as well as hear it. Juri was trying to hold back, to fuck Shintaro slowly and gently, but Shintaro soon moved his hips up to meet each of Juri’s thrusts. They moved together naturally, years of dancing together allowing them to synchronize without effort. All thoughts of holding back vanished from Juri’s mind, Shintaro’s panting breath in his ear a constant distraction.

Juri pounded into Shintaro, working off the frustration of years of waiting. Shintaro’s fingers were digging into his shoulders, Shintaro’s heels were pressing into his lower back and he could feel Shintaro’s strong thigh muscles bunch against his sides every time Shintaro raised his hips to meet one of Juri’s thrusts.

“If I’d known you’d like it this much, I’d have pounded your ass months ago,” Juri groaned against Shintaro’s sweat-slick skin.

Too breathless for words, Shintaro just moaned in reply. With Shintaro clenching tight around him like that, Juri wasn’t sure how much longer he could last. His stamina wasn’t usually this bad, but this was Shintaro and he’d loved that guy since forever. If he wanted Shintaro to get off before he lost it, he should probably touch him soon, but they were pressed too tightly together for him to easily reach Shintaro’s dick. Juri whacked Shintaro’s thigh. “Loosen up a little, I need to get at your dick.”

“Why?” Shintaro gasped out.

Before Juri could reply to that, Shintaro was already coming, clenching incredibly tight. “Fuck!” Juri moaned, surprised. “FuckfuckfuckfuckFUCK.” His hips worked on their own, thrusting through the increased tightness and with just a few wild thrusts he followed Shintaro over the edge.

Completely out of breath and energy, Juri just lay there and hugged Shintaro tight. It was a couple of minutes before either one of them moved and even then it was just Shintaro unwrapping his legs from around Juri’s hips. When Shintaro stretched his legs slowly one after the other, Juri gathered what strength he had left to sit up and look Shintaro over. Shintaro’s dick and stomach were smeared with come and while Shintaro’s breathing had slowed down, he was still flushed halfway down his chest.

“You okay?” Juri asked, patting Shintaro’s hip.

Shintaro grinned up at him. “When can we do that again?”

Juri snorted. Of course Shintaro was fine. His perfect idiot of a best friend likely wouldn’t even be sore later. He flopped down next to Shintaro. “We probably shouldn’t, you’ve got to dance tomorrow.”

“What’s that got to do with anything?” Shintaro asked, wrinkling his forehead in puzzlement.

“Nothing at all, apparently.” Juri closed the short distance and kissed Shintaro again, this kiss slower than the previous ones. He brushed his fingers over Shintaro’s cheek, taking his time. He could never get enough of touching Shintaro, could never get enough of kissing Shintaro. Juri had always touched Shintaro a lot, even at the beginning of their friendship and while he was a very touchy-feely person in general, he had no illusions about the obviousness of his longtime crush.

Juri licked at Shintaro’s lips but didn’t deepen the kiss even when Shintaro opened his mouth. Instead he licked at Shintaro’s ear, drawing a snicker from Shintaro. “Tickles,” Shintaro complained, shoving at Juri.

“That’s cause you took your piercing out,” Juri replied. He sucked on Shintaro’s earlobe and refused to explain, leaving him to figure it out on his own. Settling comfortably on top of Shintaro, Juri let his hands wander over Shintaro’s shoulders and strong arms while they kissed. There was no urgency right now, just comfortable familiarity. Shintaro soon touched him back, big hands wandering over Juri’s hips and back.

Juri sighed against Shintaro’s skin. Shintaro’s hands on his back felt good, warm and strong. Even more than the sex, this was what he’d wanted all those months and years he’d been waiting for his best friend to stumble his way through puberty. He kissed Shintaro’s collarbone, then slowly worked his way down, kissing and sucking on Shintaro’s skin. Right at the moment, Juri really wouldn’t mind if he left a mark. Or two. Or three. Shintaro would probably get yelled at by the make-up ladies, but he might even enjoy that - it would make a nice change from getting yelled at by the costuming staff because he’d grown out of his pants again.

Juri wasn’t even surprised to find that Shintaro was already starting to harden again. He kissed the tip of Shintaro’s dick, ignoring Shintaro’s muttering about weird. “Ready to play, Shin-chan?” he asked, addressing Shintaro’s dick directly.

“Are you talking to my dick again?” Shintaro demanded.

Juri patted Shintaro’s hip. “Jealous?”

Shintaro rolled his eyes. “Why would I be jealous of my own dick?”

“Because,” Juri licked a slow stripe up the whole length of Shintaro’s dick, “little Shin-chan here is amazing.”

“He’s not so little,” Shintaro muttered.

Juri grinned. “You are jealous.” He didn’t leave Shintaro any time to argue, instead he sucked the tip of Shintaro’s dick right into his mouth, thus making sure Shintaro was good and distracted. Even mostly soft, Shintaro’s dick was already pretty big, so Juri had to concentrate on keeping his teeth away from it. He worked little Shin-chan over with his tongue, teasing at the sensitive tip. It slowly hardened under his touch until it filled his whole mouth, hot and heavy against his tongue.

When Juri moaned around Shintaro’s dick, Shintaro echoed the sound and Juri wasn’t sure which of them sounded more desperate. He let Shin-chan slip out of his mouth, then pressed one last kiss to the head of Shintaro’s dick before sitting up. He looked around, trying to locate the tube of lube they’d used earlier.

Shintaro stretched. “Doesn’t this get boring after a while?”

“Only if you do it wrong,” Juri replied. He pinched Shintaro’s side and snickered when Shintaro yelped and slapped his hand away. “Why, already getting bored with me?” he drawled.

“Just seems repetitive,” Shintaro replied with a shrug. “Lie on your back, stick it in, hump.”

“Yeah, sure, because missionary is the only position ever.” Juri laughed openly at Shintaro’s confused look. “Dude, you walked in on Yasuken riding people how many times? Roll over.”

Juri laughed again when Shintaro rolled over so that he was lying flat on his stomach. He smacked Shintaro’s hip. “Up.” Then he tugged and prodded until Shintaro was properly on his knees and elbows. Shintaro spread his legs all on his own, offering himself to Juri and Juri’s mouth went dry so that he forgot what he was going to say next.

Shintaro looked fantastic on his hands and knees. Juri wasn’t sure which was his favourite part - Shintaro’s strong thighs, the round ass with a few dried drips of Juri’s come still visible around his hole, or Shintaro’s balls and big, big dick. It was only when Shintaro kicked his knee that Juri realized he’d been staring for who knew how long. He uncapped the tube and dripped some lube right onto Shintaro’s ass. The startled squeak Shintaro gave when the cold lube hit his skin was soon replaced by a moan when Juri slid two fingers inside.

“Ohh,” Shintaro moaned when Juri moved his fingers, finger-fucking him.

“Just wait until it’s my cock,” Juri told his boyfriend smugly, “different angles can make quite a difference.”

Pushing back into the touch, Shintaro seemed to be appreciating Juri’s fingers quite a bit already. With Shintaro moaning at every twist of Juri’s fingers, it didn’t take long at all for Juri to go from half hard to fully erect and desperate to go. It was probably Shintaro’s ridiculously short recovery time rubbing off on him, not that the thought of Shintaro rubbing off on anything was particularly designed to help Juri stay calm. Snickering at his own silent joke, Juri pulled his fingers free, ignoring Shintaro’s protest. It was almost ironic how fast Shintaro had gone from ‘dick goes WHERE? And WHY?!’ to ‘get inside me now’, and Juri was looking forwards to teasing him about it for the next twenty years. At least.

Taking a firm hold of Shintaro’s hips, Juri thrust in. He had some vague notion of going slow, but Shintaro had other plans. Shintaro pushed back against Juri right away, taking Juri’s dick ballsdeep on the first thrust. “Fuck!” Juri cursed, tightening his grip on Shintaro’s hips in a futile attempt to hold him in place. He’d taken Shintaro’s virginity less than an hour ago in this very bed, so they should probably take it a bit slow, but Shintaro was stronger than Juri and Juri soon realized that his hold on Shintaro’s hips did nothing except perhaps spur him on more.

Juri experimentally dug his fingers harder into Shintaro’s skin and Shintaro cried out, clearly liking it a whole lot. “Seriously?” Juri asked, amazed. He bent over Shintaro’s back and kissed the skin between Shintaro’s shoulder blades, then wrapped his arms around Shintaro’s strong frame, holding him close. “Who’d have guessed you’d be such a kinky freak?” Juri murmured against Shintaro’s skin, not caring at all if Shintaro could hear him or not.

Shintaro seemed to enjoy the new angle quite a bit, squeezing tight around Juri and moaning quite loudly at every thrust. Juri soon gave up on any idea of holding back and pounded into Shintaro until his thighs were burning more than after double dance practice, fucking his boyfriend hard and fast. Straightening up, Juri considered his next move. Over the years, he’d made up quite a lot of fantasies of what it would be like with Shintaro, but now that he finally had the chance to make a few of his fantasies come to life, he wasn’t sure which to pick.

Remembering Shintaro’s previous reaction to getting pushed or pinned, Juri placed his hand on the back of Shintaro’s head and pushed down, squishing Shintaro’s face into the mattress. Shintaro went along with it easily, gasping at the changed angle. Juri groaned - face down and ass up, Shintaro was even more appealing than before, if that was even possible. He nudged Shintaro’s legs further apart and rolled his hips, enjoying the slick heat of Shintaro’s body as well as all the needy moans Shintaro made no attempt to suppress.

Juri snapped his hips, thrusting in deep every time, and at each thrust, Shintaro’s hands clenched in the sheets. Juri grinned - it was nice to know he had such an effect. Moans were nice and all, but he could simply bring a few homemade pastries to work and hear more moaning than this in the dressing room. Keeping his right hand on the back of Shintaro’s head, Juri reached down with his left and wrapped his fingers around Shintaro’s dick, jerking him off slowly. Shintaro’s dick was so thick that Juri couldn’t close his hand around it, but that didn’t seem to bother Shintaro at all.

Juri swiped his thumb over the tip of Shintaro’s dick, smearing the precome around. Tomorrow he would definitely have to find a way to make Shintaro taste some of his own come, but for now making Shintaro come all over himself would have to be enough. Juri sped the movement of his hand up until he was jerking Shintaro off as fast as he was fucking him, quick, rough strokes that soon proved too much for Shintaro.

With a moan, Shintaro finally came, clenching tight around Juri’s dick and coming all over Juri’s hand and the sheets. Juri pushed through the tightness, working Shintaro through his orgasm; he was incredibly close himself, but he wanted to look at Shintaro’s face when he came, so he held back.

As soon as Shintaro stilled under him, Juri pulled out and flipped Shintaro over. He shoved back in, fucking Shintaro with desperate roughness. Shintaro had no objection at all to Juri’s roughness, he just grinned up at him, all woozy and happy from orgasm. It was less than a minute before Juri came as well, spilling himself deep inside Shintaro. He kept his eyes open while his orgasm rolled through him, watching Shintaro’s face the entire time.

All his energy seemed to have gone out of Juri. He collapsed on top of Shintaro, who wrapped arms around him right away. Juri tried to raise himself up far enough to turn off the light, but his arm only twitched weakly so he gave up after a moment. So what if you got wrinkles from sleeping with the light on, Shintaro’s dumb handsome face was probably immune to wrinkles and if Shintaro wanted the light off, he could just move himself or magic it out or something. Snickering at the randomness of his thoughts, Juri fell asleep, completely forgetting to be embarrassed at his unusual post-orgasm need for cuddling.

Juri woke up to Shintaro’s dick digging into his hip. Shintaro’s arm was slung over his middle and Shintaro’s face was pressed against his neck, the even puff of Shintaro’s breath telling Juri clearly that his boyfriend was still asleep. Yawning, Juri stretched and immediately winced; his thighs ached as if he’d run a marathon. When he turned, his hair must have tickled Shintaro’s nose, because Shintaro sneezed and woke up.

“Morning.” Juri turned around to look Shintaro over.

“Mng.” Shintaro yawned widely, then stretched without any visible discomfort.

Juri had assumed he’d have a difficult time explaining the concept of shower sex to Shintaro, but in that regard he’d been mistaken - apparently backing for Kis-My-Ft2 made it impossible for even someone as oblivious as Shintaro to remain ignorant of what went on in some showers. The hotel room they shared the bathroom with was still silent, the occupants either asleep or fucking quietly enough that it wasn’t audible through the door.

The hot water did a lot to wake Juri the rest of the way up, as did the impromptu water fight. Juri washed the soap out of his eyes and blinked twice to clear them, then grinned at Shintaro. “Usual way of things is blowjobs in the shower first, sneaking into a senpai’s temporarily deserted dressing room to make out second,” he told Shintaro, “but you’d look horrible in a dress, so we have to skip step three anyway.”

Shintaro eyed him dubiously and Juri snickered before leaning in for a kiss. One thing led to another and soon Shintaro was on his knees, giving Juri exactly what he wanted. It wasn’t quite the first time Shintaro had blown him, but close enough for it to be a novelty. Juri dragged his fingers through Shintaro’s hair and considered snapping his hips forwards. So far, Shintaro had handled pretty much everything Juri had dished out, but face-fucking someone on their third attempt at a blowjob wasn’t exactly good manners, even if Shintaro seemed to enjoy a lot of things Juri wouldn’t have expected him to like so soon.

Juri moaned, probably louder than he should since there were finally noises coming from the other room. Shintaro looked incredible with his lips stretched around Juri’s cock and the thought that with every moment they did this, he was stealing another piece of Shintaro’s innocence was turning Juri on like nothing else. He thrust his hips experimentally and Shintaro moaned around his dick, the sound more arousal than surprise, so Juri did it again. Soon he was pushing Shintaro’s head down onto his dick and thrusting his hips at the same time, fucking Shintaro’s handsome face at a quick pace.

From the sound of Shintaro’s moans, he was clearly more than okay with it, and it was that, the way Shintaro seemed to enjoy getting dominated so freaking much, that finally drove Juri over the edge. With barely a warning, Juri filled Shintaro’s mouth with his come, then snickered at the face Shintaro made. Wrinkling his nose, Shintaro swallowed, then shook his head. “It’s still gross.”

“It’s a bit of an acquired taste,” Juri agreed, then added with a wink, “There are totally other options.”

“Your other options are usually weird,” Shintaro complained, getting to his feet.

“Aw, Shin-chan, so suspicious,” Juri laughed before leaning in to kiss Shintaro. “I’ll show you one now,” he promised as he sank to his knees in front of Shintaro.

It wasn’t exactly easy, but he’d gotten quite a bit of practice over the last couple of weeks so Juri managed to fit nearly half of Shintaro’s unusually big dick in his mouth. He wrapped his hand around the base of Shintaro’s dick, doing the weird rhythmic squeezing thing he’d discovered Shintaro enjoyed. Taking care to keep his teeth covered with his lips, Juri slowly bobbed his head, blowing Shintaro slower than he would have liked to. Juri quite enjoyed giving blowjobs, but with a dick as big as Shintaro’s, keeping things simple was probably best for the moment.

The one good thing about his boyfriend’s inexperience was that it didn’t take long for Shintaro to reach his limit. When the first burst of come hit Juri’s tongue, he pulled back and took the rest of it on his face. Shintaro’s eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets at the sight and Juri’s snickered. He’d definitely ask to come over Shintaro’s face the next time Shintaro blew him, and judging from the look of understanding dawning on Shintaro’s face currently, he wouldn’t even have to explain why he wanted it.

Still snickering at Shintaro’s surprised look, Juri wiped the come off his face. When he stood up, pain shot through his right thigh, the muscles protesting the strain he’d been putting them through. Limping slightly, he walked out of the shower with Shintaro following closely behind.

Hokuto took one look at the just-gotten-laid glow on Shintaro’s face and the just as obvious limp Juri was sporting and whooped. “Way to go, Shin, you stud!” He slapped Shintaro’s shoulder, then yelled back into the hotel room, “Stop sucking face, you guys. Shin’s finally found his dick and given it to Juri.”

“You can walk after that?” Yasui asked Juri, making a gesture with his hands that described the size of Shintaro’s dick pretty accurately and another time Juri definitely needed to ask how Yasui knew Shintaro’s dicksize so closely. “My, my, my, someone practiced secretly with the biggest dildo he could find, hm?” Yasui was wearing even less than Hokuto, since his one tiny towel was slung over his shoulders instead of his hips.

“Who’s using dildos in the hotel bathroom?” Anderson asked, sticking his head in.

“Fuck you guys.” Juri punched Hokuto’s shoulder and then Anderson’s arm for good measure. “Clearly it’s me taking care of Shin’s ass here.”

Yasui’s towel smacked right across Juri’s ass and Yasui giggled at Juri’s yelp. Juri’s retaliation towel whip somehow missed Yasui, instead whacking right into Hokuto’s side, who in turn smacked Shintaro with his towel. Three against two should have been unfair, but Juri and Shintaro’s ability to strike at the same time, in combination with Juri’s double towel trick finally turned the tide.

Having driven the enemy from the field, Juri and Shintaro high-fived. “Score!”

“Hey,” Shintaro asked, “is that what they mean by taking one for the team?”
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