Salty Snow

Feb. 16th, 2015 01:48 am
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Title: Salty Snow
Characters/Pairings: Snow Man
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Watanabe thinks his bandmates look kind of tasty.

Watanabe sniffed the air - something smelled delicious. He turned around, trying to locate the heavenly scent. His eyes fell on Fukazawa, fresh out of the shower and dripping wet. He slung an arm around Fukazawa’s shoulders and leaned in close enough to sniff at his hair. A mouthwatering aroma of strawberry and vanilla filled his nostrils.

When Fukazawa turned his head to see what Watanabe was up to, Watanabe stuck his tongue out and licked a broad stripe up Fukazawa’s cheek. “Mmh, you’re tasty.”

“Yeah?” Fukazawa asked. “What do I taste like?”

Watanabe shrugged. “You taste like yourself. A very Fukka taste, slightly salty.” A drop of water dripped from Fukazawa’s wet hair down onto his cheek, so Watanabe licked Fukazawa’s pretty face again, chasing the drop of water.

There was a muffled snort beside them. Iwamoto was trying unsuccessfully to hide his snicker behind a fake cough, but Watanabe wasn’t fooled. He rose up on his tiptoes and licked a line up the side of Iwamoto’s face from jaw to eyebrow. “Tasty.”

Watanabe grinned at the startled look on Iwamoto’s face, then turned to Abe. Might as well collect them all. Abe twitched when Watanabe’s tongue first touched his cheek, but seemed to have no objections, so Watanabe licked Abe’s right cheek several times and then switched to the left to see if both sides of Abe’s face tasted the same. They did.

Sakuma stepped up to Watanabe all on his own, presenting his cheek. Watanabe dragged his tongue over Sakuma’s face slowly, making sure to lick each and every one of Sakuma’s pretty, pretty moles. He almost expected Sakuma’s moles to taste different than the rest of his skin, sweet maybe, like cake icing, but while Sakuma was certainly tasty, all of his skin tasted equally salty.

“Aren’t you going to lick Date’s face?” Fukazawa asked.

Watanabe shared a look with Miyadate and Miyadate answered in his place. “No need. Shota knows what I taste like.”
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