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Title: Take My Breath Away
Characters/Pairings: Yasui/Iwamoto
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Breathplay
Summary: Iwamoto knows that going along with Yasui’s ideas is usually worth it.
Author's Note: This is entirely the fault of [ profile] bluedreaming <3

Yasui’s lips tasted weirdly sweet, a bit like strawberries. Iwamoto wondered if it was Yasui’s lipbalm he was tasting, but rational thought wasn’t exactly a priority with Yasui sitting in his lap, especially not with the cute little noises Yasui kept making.

Breaking the kiss, Yasui drew back just far enough that they could look at each other without going crosseyed. Yasui wrapped his fingers around Iwamoto’s wrist and pulled Iwamoto’s hand up to his throat, holding it there.

Iwamoto blinked. His fingers splayed against the pale skin of Yasui’s throat looked surprisingly hot, giving him ideas that were not exactly his usual kind of thing but nonetheless went directly to his pants.

“Are you free after work?” Yasui asked. When Iwamoto nodded right away, he was rewarded with a bright smile. “Come home with me, there’s something I want to try.” Yasui pressed Iwamoto’s hand tighter against his throat to make his meaning clear.

Experimentally, Iwamoto pressed his fingers into Yasui’s skin, just a tiny bit, just enough to make sure he wasn’t mistaken about what Yasui wanted from him. Yasui’s reaction removed all doubt - eye fluttering shut, Yasui moaned sweetly, the noise loud enough to actually get two of Iwamoto’s bandmates to look over.


This was actually the first time Iwamoto had gone to Yasui’s apartment - usually they fucked in the showers at work or simply went to a love hotel if they wanted a bit more privacy. “How did you get that bed in here?” Iwamoto asked.

“In pieces,” Yasui replied, stretching out on the bed that was almost orgy sized. “The mattress is two pieces too.”

After dropping the last piece of his clothing on the floor, Iwamoto joined Yasui on the bed. “How do you want to do this?”

Yasui climbed into Iwamoto’s lab, shifting a bit to get comfortable. “Just like this,” Yasui explained as he looked up at Iwamoto with his wide eyes that made his face look innocent even when he was talking about kinky sex and choking. “Choke me while I touch myself. And,” Yasui kissed the tip of Iwamoto’s nose, “you should definitely think about how you want to get off after I’m all done.”

Iwamoto swallowed hard. Yasui touching himself while he watched had been one of his favourite fantasies for ages and the added element of choking only made it better. He didn’t even think he’d need much help to get off if he got to see Yasui come like that.

“Maybe I’ll even let you come on my face,” Yasui added with a wink.

Iwamoto snorted. “You like facials,” he replied, trailing his fingers over Yasui’s face and down to his throat.

“There’s nothing you’re into that I wouldn’t like,” Yasui giggled.

Iwamoto didn’t really know or care if he’d just been called vanilla or boring or harmless or all of the above - Yasui was just too damn cute to ever get annoyed at. He settled his fingers around Yasui’s throat and applied just the tiniest bit of pressure, drawing a pleased moan from Yasui.

One of Yasui’s hands went to Iwamoto’s shoulder for balance, but his other hand went down to wrap firmly around his dick. Stroking himself slowly, Yasui let his eyes flutter shut, let everything except his pleasure and Iwamoto’s fingers on his throat drift away.

Slowly, Iwamoto increased the pressure, cutting off more and more of Yasui’s air until Yasui was quite lightheaded. Ineffectually gasping for breath, Yasui stroked himself faster, the dizziness heightening his pleasure considerably.

Iwamoto was so hard he ached, but the part he would never admit to anyone was that what turned him on most was just how innocent and cute Yasui looked even in this situation. It wasn’t like him at all, but every time he looked at Yasui’s sweet face Iwamoto wanted to take advantage of him, to despoil that innocence, and the knowledge that Yasui was a million times less innocent than he was didn’t stop the impulse at all.

Stroking himself faster and faster, Yasui felt his orgasm approach much sooner than usual. The euphoria induced by lack of oxygen played a big part, but the victory he’d won against Iwamoto’s better nature certainly helped. The sense of victory at having finally gotten Iwamoto to treat him rough was a heady rush.

Iwamoto applied more pressure, pressing down on the carotid arteries on both sides of Yasui’s neck with his fingers until Yasui saw stars. Yasui came suddenly, his come splashing up against Iwamoto’s chest in several big spurts. He’d never come this hard before and the sheer strength of his orgasm took him by surprise.

Then it was over, just as suddenly, and all strength left Yasui’s limbs at once. Iwamoto caught him before he could topple over and Yasui just cuddled against him, murmuring a hoarse thank you between deep gulps of air.

Iwamoto petted Yasui’s hair, waiting for him to recover. He knew exactly what he wanted and with Yasui cradled in his arms, looking adorably breathless and quite debauched, he could easily wait for however long it took for Yasui to regain his strength.
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