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Title: Sweet Darkness
Characters/Pairings: Akito/Shige
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Genderswitch, het, vampires (blood, biting)
Summary: Shige knows what she wants and it’s not just Akito’s blood.
Author’s Note: For [ profile] aleena_mokoia for the quick mini exchange thingy

Shige licked her lips, her fangs glinting in the pale light of the moon. Akito smelled even more delicious than usual or perhaps that was just her stomach talking - she hadn’t “eaten” yet tonight and last night she’d only drunk a mouthful of blood between shows.

Akito grinned. “You want to do it here, against the tree? I could do you on the grass too, I bet the green stains on your dress’ll be fun to explain. Hm, or you could ride me, if the ground’s too uncomfortably for you.”

Licking her lips again, Shige shook her head. Her eyes fixed on the pulsing vein in Akito’s neck, she replied, “I don’t care where, just…”

“Snack first, hm?” Akito laughed, tilting his head to offer his neck to Shige.

Too hungry to try and figure him out, Shige leaned in and sank her fangs directly into Akito’s neck. Akito groaned when her fangs pierced his skin and Shige mirrored the noise a moment later when fresh, hot blood filled her mouth.

Akito wrapped his arms around Shige, holding on while she drank. One of his hands stayed on her waist, but the other went up under her shirt, teasing at the lower edge of her bra. With her thirst sated, Shige drew back. Now that her hunger didn’t distract her anymore, her body reacted to Akito’s closeness, to Akito’s hands on her skin.

Without further thought, she kissed him, knowing that he wouldn’t mind the taste of his own blood in her mouth. a moment later, Shige found herself flat on her back on the ground, Akito heavy on top of her. She spared only half a thought for her probably ruined dress, the scent of Akito’s arousal pulling at her.

Shige’s arms went around Akito’s shoulders, holding him close while they kissed. They’d kissed often enough that Akito was able to avoid cutting his tongue on her fangs most of the time. Breaking the kiss, Akito pulled back. He quickly opened the ribbons holding the top her Shige’s dress closed, pulling on each ribbon carefully.

Shige’s breasts looked very pale in the silvery moonlight, her nipples a dark contrast. Even though Akito clearly wasn’t in the mood for much foreplay tonight, he just as clearly couldn’t resist the sight of her breasts. He sucked her right nipple into his mouth, rolling it with his tongue and at the same time kneaded her left breast roughly with his hand. Moaning, Shige arched into the touch, her fingers digging into Akito’s shoulders.

“Let me have you,” Akito demanded and Shige moaned agreement. She wanted him, wanted him inside her, on top of her, wanted him to take all of her and pound her into the hard ground. As a human, he wasn’t strong enough to hold her down, but that didn’t prevent her from wanting that too.

Luckily for her, Akito knew exactly what she wanted - after three years of sex, Akito knew Shige’s kinks better than he knew his own. He had her skirt up and her underwear down fast enough that Shige giggled and mumbled something about near superhuman speed. She reached up and unzipped his jeans, but then he batted her hand away and pushed his pants down himself.

“Hurry,” Shige begged, her eyes wandering between Akito’s cock and the nearly healed wound on Akito’s neck. “I want you.”

Akito kissed her again, a slow, gentle kiss that would have made Shige’s heart beat faster if she’d been mortal. Then he thrust into her roughly, making her cry out against his lips. She clung to his muscular shoulders, holding on tight as he fucked her into the ground, finally giving her what she’d been wanting since she woke up at sunset.

While Akito pounded into her, Shige sank her fangs into his neck, opening the pulsing vein once more. His blood was even more delicious now, hot and spicy with arousal. His cock moving inside her felt good, hot and hard, but nothing could compare to the ecstasy of living blood against her tongue.

With a grunt, Akito came, spilling hot inside her. The change in his blood drove Shige over the edge as well, her orgasm rolling through her with the force of a thousand suns.

When she came down again, Shige carefully withdrew her fangs from Akito’s neck and licked the slightly ragged wound to make it heal faster. Akito just hummed, his weight still heavy on top of her. “We need to get back to work,” Shige murmured into Akito’s ear, pushing at his shoulder.

“Not without another kiss.” Akito stole a kiss, and then a second. “Maybe just one more.”
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