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Apr. 1st, 2015 05:45 am
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Title: Ai no Beat
Characters/Pairings: Miyata/Tamamori
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Tama and Miyata have some fun.
Author's Note: For [ profile] mousapelli for the mini exchange thingy.

Grinning wide enough that his eyes all but vanished, Miyata put the camera down and followed Tamamori into the shower.

Miyata closed the door and just grinned at Tamamori until Tamamori threw his pants at Miyata’s head. “Ugh, you know that’ll end up on the DVD.”

“They never use my footage,” Miyata replied, dropping his clothes in a pile with Tamamori’s, “because my love shines through bright and clear when I film you.”

“Gross.” Tamamori pulled Miyata into the shower stall with him. “And why are you all sweaty? You didn’t even do anything! How can you get all sticky just standing around?”

“It’s the heat of my love. I burn up from inside whenever you’re near!“ Miyata replied, holding still while Tamamori washed his back, Tamamori’s hands a lot gentler than his words.

“Close your eyes,” Tamamori ordered, moving on to Miyata’s hair. “I saw Gaya delete whatever was on Nika’s camera earlier.”

“If nothing else, there’s always footage of Mitsu napping,” Miyata shrugged. “Do you think we could sneak a kiss on the DVD if we played it off as a joke?”

“No, we can’t. My mother buys all our releases.” Tamamori shoved at Miyata’s shoulder. ”All clean. Try not to get sweaty at least until we get into bed.”

“Yes, sir.” Miyata saluted, splashing water everywhere. “But there’s still two hours of work left, I can’t promise anything.”

Tamamori eyed him. “You didn’t bring that uniform, did you?”

Miyata grinned. “Nope, just the-”

“I don’t want to know.” Tamamori clapped his hand in front of Miyata’s mouth, keeping him from saying whatever he’d been about to say. Not at all bothered, Miyata licked Tamamori’s palm. “Gross, Miyacchi!”

“I’m only gross for you,” Miyata replied while he rubbed his hair dry with a towel.

“You’re always gross,” Tamamori muttered, but there was no heat behind the words and Miyata only smiled wider.


“Someone should tell management they don’t need to waste money on giving us seven rooms,” Tamamori said when he was finally stretched out in Miyata’s hotel bed.

“Single rooms have advantages though. It’s nice that we don’t need to keep silent,” Miyata replied. “Waking up Mitsu when you screamed my name was scary.”

Tamamori whacked Miyata over the head. “I never screamed your name. Now stop talking nonsense and kiss me.” Tamamori didn’t actually wait for Miyata to kiss him, he simply pulled Miyata down and pressed their lips together himself.

Miyata hummed into the kiss, settling down next to Tamamori. With slow, appreciative movements he ran his hands down from Tamamori’s shoulders to his hips and back up.

Tamamori sighed, enjoying the warmth of Miyata’s hands on his skin. “Mmh, Toshiya.”

“First names already? You must really want it, Yuta,” Miyata teased.

“Maybe I do. So what.” Getting impatient with the slow pace, Tamamori grabbed the tube of lube he’d stashed under the pillow and climbed on top of Miyata, straddling Miyata’s hips.

Miyata’s eyes darkened at the sight of Tamamori above him. “You want to ride me?” he asked, his hands moving up Tamamori’s thighs to his ass.

“Stop being lazy and do your part,” Tamamori demanded, dropping the tube of lube on Miyata’s chest. “And hurry up, we have cons tomorrow.”

Coating his fingers with lube, Miyata just grinned. It had been cute back when Tamamori was shy and blushed a lot, but this demanding Tamamori, who knew what he wanted and wasn’t afraid to say so, was even more fun.

The first finger went in easily, as did the second. Even with Tamamori pushing down against Miyata’s fingers insistently, Miyata tried to go slow, but he wasn’t exactly well-practiced in denying Tamamori anything.

When Miyata curled his fingers, brushing against Tamamori’s prostate, Tamamori decided he’d had enough foreplay. He grabbed Miyata’s wrist and pulled Miyata’s fingers free, then squeezed the almost empty tube of lube to get the last of it out. With quick but gentle movements, Tamamori smeared the lube all over Miyata’s dick, lingering there for longer than necessary just to hear more of Miyata’s moans.

Miyata finally had to grab Tamamori’s hand to stop him. “If you go on like this,” Miyata gasped, “I’m not sure how much longer I’ll last.”

Tamamori looked quite smug as he slowly sank down onto Miyata’s cock, taking it in with ease. Miyata’s dick was big, but Tamamori was used to the size and had no trouble relaxing around it. Once he’d taken Miyata’s dick in fully, Tamamori rolled his hips and grinned smugly down at Miyata.

“Tama-chan,” Miyata moaned, holding on to Tamamori’s hips.

Needing no more encouragement, Tamamori raised his hips until only the tip of Miyata’s dick remained inside, then sank back down, making them both moaned. He rose again and this time when he sank down, Miyata thrust up to meet him. With the ease of years of practice, they settled into an easy rhythm, moving together as one.

“You look so good up there,” Miyata praised, “so beautiful.”

“You don’t look too bad yourself,” Tamamori replied, a pleased flush appearing on his face. He liked the feeling of Miyata’s dick sliding in and out of his body quite a bit, but what he enjoyed most was the way Miyata always looked at him with eyes full of love. Miyata really didn’t have much of a poker face when it came to how much he loved Tamamori; he could never hide his attraction at all.

Squeezing tight, Tamamori sped up, riding Miyata faster until his thighs ached pleasantly. Riding a cock strained his leg muscles in an entirely different way than dance or skating did and he couldn’t do it for long. Luckily Miyata knew exactly how long Tamamori’s legs would hold, so he reached for Tamamori’s dick, stroking him at the same speed.

Tamamori moaned, the added stimulation of Miyata’s hand soon proving too much. With a gasp of Miyata’s name he threw his head back and came, grinding down hard.

Miyata watched every second of Tamamori’s orgasm, hypnotized by how gorgeous Tamamori looked in his ecstasy. It was only when Tamamori moaned his name again that Miyata realized quite how close to orgasm he was himself, and when Tamamori breathily ordered him to just come already, he obeyed without a second thought.

Finally spent, Tamamori tumbled down into Miyata’s arms, not caring at all that Miyata was all sweaty and sticky again. Miyata reached over and turned the light off while Tamamori pulled up the blankets to cover them both, then Miyata kissed the tip of Tamamori’s nose goodnight, but Tamamori was too sleepy to grumble about weird, cuddling into Miyata’s embrace without complaint.
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