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To celebrate the official name, here's a drabble for every pairing in 6tones XD

Rated R or NC-17 each.

Hokuto gently brushed his thumb over Juri’s cheekbone. “How can such a rude person have such a pretty face?” he mused.

“Make-up,” Juri replied, turning his face into the touch, “and you think anyone is pretty when you’re horny. Which is always.”

Hokuto grinned. “That’s not true. I’m not horny right now, see?” He grabbed Juri’s hand and pulled it down to his crotch.

Laughing, Juri gave Hokuto’s dick a light squeeze. “All soft,” he agreed. Rubbing Hokuto’s dick through his pants, Juri asked, “Should I apologize on my knees?”


“Like this?” Jesse asked, his breath puffing against Hokuto’s ear.

“Do you… even have to… ask?” Hokuto gasped, pushing his hips back to get Jesse’s fingers just a bit deeper inside him.

Chuckling, Jesse pulled his fingers free. “So impatient.”

Hokuto moaned at the loss. If he’d known Jesse would turn into such a tease, he never would have let Jesse tie him up. He’d been like this, naked and with his wrists tied to the headboard, for nearly an hour already, but Jesse still didn’t fuck him.


“Do me harder,” Taiga demanded, his face flushed pink. “Don’t treat me like a girl, I won’t break.”

“But you’re so pretty like this, all spread out for me,” Hokuto replied, pressing Taiga’s wrists into the mattress while he fucked him with slow, gentle thrusts.

“Don’t call me pretty.” Taiga moved suddenly, rolling them over. He pinned Hokuto down and rode Hokuto’s dick fast and hard, taking what he wanted.

Hokuto grinned up at Taiga. “Pale and pretty, like a princess.”

“Next round, I’ll fuck you so hard you won’t be able to walk,” Taiga threatened, his eyes flashing.

Hokuto thrust up into Taiga. “I’m looking forwards to it, princess.”


Hokuto shifted in Yugo’s lap, his fingers digging into Yugo’s shoulders. “Come on,” he begged.

Yugo twisted his fingers deep inside Hokuto. “You aren’t ready.”

“I don’t care.” To prove his point, Hokuto pushed down against Yugo’s fingers. “Please.”

Chuckling, Yugo kissed Hokuto’s cheek. “Maybe I’ll make you come like this,” Yugo said, curling his fingers to brush against Hokuto’s prostate.

“No way,” Hokuto moaned. “I want your dick.”


Shintaro spread his legs wider. “Come on,” he complained. “If you’re gonna do it, just do it already.”

Hokuto gave another kiss to Shintaro’s balls. “Patience.”

“I’m seventeen, I’m not supposed to have patience,” Shintaro replied, twisting his hands in the sheets to keep from grabbing Hokuto’s hair.

“That’s why you need to learn some patience.” Hokuto sucked Shintaro’s balls into his mouth and hummed softly.


“He’ll kill you if he finds out,” Juri gasped out between thrusts. He pressed his hands against the door to keep from bumping his head while Taiga fucked him on the backseat of Fujigaya’s car.

“Worth it,” Taiga groaned, shoving deep into Juri. “Anyway, you really think I didn’t ask permission?”


Sinking his teeth into Yugo’s shoulder to keep from moaning loud enough to get them caught, Juri snapped his hips faster. The supply closet might not have been the best place for a quick fuck, but it was still better than making out behind the clothes rack.

Never stopping the movement of his hips, Juri wrapped his fingers around Yugo’s dick, stroking him at the same pace.

“Close,” Yugo moaned quietly, then clenched his teeth to keep from crying as Juri’s dick his his prostate just right. “Really close.”


“Yeah,” Juri moaned, snapping his hips, “oh yeah.”

Juri dug his fingers into the soft curls of Jesse’s hair, holding Jesse’s head in place while he fucked his throat with rough thrusts of his hips. Jesse looked so good like this, on his knees, with his lips wrapped around Juri’s dick and his face all flushed, but the hottest part by far was how much he enjoyed getting used by Juri - Jesse was stroking himself at a quick, irregular pace, clearly already much closer to orgasm than Juri was.


“Faster,” Juri demanded, spreading his legs wider. Shintaro’s dick was so big that it was difficult to accommodate no matter how well prepared he was, but at the same time it felt amazing, better than any other dick he’d ever had, filling him just right.

Draped over Juri’s back, Shintaro felt no compunction to hold back. He shoved in deeper, drawing a groan from Juri.

“Fuck, yeah,” Juri moaned. “Do me hard, Shin.”


“Nnh, what if someone sees?” Taiga asked against Jesse’s lips, trying not to moan.

“No one’s using the elevator this late at night,” Jesse replied, squeezing Taiga’s dick through his jeans.

“We shouldn’t, we’ll get fired,” Taiga said, but he wasn’t exactly resisting. He clutched at Jesse’s shoulders and even thrust his hips into Jesse’s touch.

“Liar,” Jesse whispered into Taiga’s ear. “You’re the one who likes public places, just look at how hard you’re already.”


Taiga flicked his tongue over the head of Yugo’s dick, then dipped his tongue into the slit, tasting the slight saltiness of precome.

“You look so good like this,” Yugo said, brushing his fingers through Taiga’s hair. The blond colour still surprised him, but it suited Taiga well, making him look just a tiny bit wild.

“Whatever you’re thinking, stop it,” Taiga demanded, squeezing Yugo’s balls just a little harder than was quite comfortable.

“Sorry, sorry,” Yugo grinned. He wasn’t stupid enough to tell Taiga how pretty he looked, blond hair or no blond hair.


Curling his long fingers inside Shintaro, Taiga asked, “What should I do with you, Shin-chan? Shall I fuck you right here, up against this wall?”

“You can’t hold me up,” Shintaro replied. “You aren’t strong enough.”

Taiga pulled his fingers free. “If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were challenging me.”

“Eh?” Shintaro blinked at Taiga, not quite sure where the conversation had diverged to find this new path.

Leaning in close, Taiga whispered into Shintaro’s ear, “I hope you like it rough, Shin-chan.”


“Ah!” Shintaro cried out, fingers digging into the sheets.

“Shh, I’ll take care of you.” Yugo kissed the back of Shintaro’s neck, ran calming hands up and down Shintaro’s sides until Shintaro relaxed around him. “I’ll make you feel good.”

Yugo trailed kisses all over Shintaro’s neck and shoulders and once Shintaro was relaxed enough, he fucked him with slow but deep thrusts that make Shintaro’s toes curl and his breath catch in his throat.


Yugo curled his legs over Jesse’s thighs, holding on tight. He moaned at every thrust, but Jesse wasn’t quite satisfied with that.

“Come on, tell me how good it is,” Jesse demanded. “You’re so good with words everywhere else, why don’t you ever talk dirty in bed?”

“It’s difficult,” Yugo gasped out, his nails digging into Jesse’s shoulders.

“Don’t tell me you’re embarrassed?” Jesse asked, stopping the movement of his hips.

Yugo shook his head. “Your dick… it’s too big. It’s hard to talk when it’s pounding into me,” he admitted.


“There really are moles on your ass,” Shintaro exclaimed, trailing his fingers over the cheeks of Jesse’s ass.

“Told you,” Jesse replied, wiggling his ass. “Come on, get on with it. Don’t just look. If I wanted a voyeur to stare at my ass and do nothing, I would’ve asked Yasuken.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Shintaro spread Jesse open with his thumbs before flicking his tongue over Jesse’s hole.

“Mmh, Shin,” Jesse moaned. How could Shintaro’s tongue feel so good? Shintaro wasn’t even doing much yet, just teasing at his opening. “Is there anything you aren’t naturally good at?”
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