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Title: Love your voice (when you scream my name)
Characters/Pairings: Taiga/Juri
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Taiga has pretty fingers and Juri knows what he wants.

Juri’s hand slammed into the wall next to Taiga’s head. “Hey, gorgeous.”

Taiga looked unimpressed. “Keep your sub-par kabedon skills for when there’s a camera around,” he advised. “Your pretty face might fool some fangirls into thinking you’re hot shit, but it’s not working on me.”

Leaning in closer, Juri replied, “Then why’re you all hot and bothered, hm?” He cupped Taiga’s cheek with his palm, grinning when Taiga only huffed but didn’t bite his hand.

“Conditioning. After so many years surrounded by idiots, stupidity is bound to turn me on.” Taiga dug his fingers into Juri’s hair and pulled him into a kiss. Their lips moved against each other and the kiss soon deepened, tongues dancing slickly.

Juri leaned heavily against Taiga, pressing him into the wall while they kissed. His hands went to Taiga’s hips, thumbs rubbing over Taiga’s hipbones, taking advantage of Taiga’s weak spots, but when Juri started to roll his hips against Taiga’s, Taiga yanked on his hair.

“I can feel how hard you are,” Juri pointed out smugly, grinning at Taiga. He rolled his hips one more time, his dick rubbing against the answering hardness in Taiga’s jeans. “You want me.”

“Perhaps,” Taiga agreed, “but that doesn’t mean I’m just going to let you do whatever you want.” He quickly flipped their positions, shoving Juri against the wall.

Juri went along with it easily, leaning casually against the wall while Taiga looked him over. “See something you like?”

“I like what I see alright,” Taiga replied, brushing the tips of two fingers over Juri’s lips, “you’d be hot if you just fucking shut up already.”

“Make me.” Juri licked at Taiga’s fingers, flicking his tongue teasingly over the tips of Taiga’s fingers.

Accepting the challenge, Taiga shoved three fingers into Juri’s mouth. “Like this?” Taiga asked, practically fucking Juri’s mouth with his fingers. “Or perhaps I should give you something else to suck on.”

Juri sucked on Taiga’s fingers, quite happy with that suggestion. He licked at Taiga’s long fingers and when Taiga pulled his fingers free, Juri nipped at them with his teeth. “Treat me rough or I might bite,” Juri said as he sank down to his knees.

Quickly, Juri opened Taiga’s jeans and pushed them down far enough to get at Taiga’s dick. Leaning in close, he flicked his tongue over the head, repeating the teasing actions he’d performed on Taiga’s fingers earlier.

Taiga dug his fingers into Juri’s hair and gave it a hard yank, making Juri gasp in surprise. Using the opportunity, Taiga shoved his dick into Juri’s mouth. Snapping his hips, Taiga fucked Juri’s mouth with short but rough thrusts. “Rough enough for you?” he asked, twisting Juri’s hair around his fingers.

Eyes fluttering shut, Juri groaned around Taiga’s dick. His fingers dug into Taiga’s jeans, holding on, but other than that he simply took it, letting Taiga do as he willed without resistance.

“Look at me,” Taiga demanded, pulling on Juri’s hair to reinforce the command. Juri looked quite pretty with his hair all messy and his lips stretched wide around Taiga’s dick. Taiga reached into his back pocket and pulled a small tube of lube out, which he handed to Juri. “Prep yourself, but be quick about it. When I get bored with your mouth, I’ll fuck you whether you’re ready or not.”

Juri groaned at the threat, his eyes going dark, even though they both knew Taiga didn’t mean it. Juri opened his pants and pushed them halfway down his thighs, then he flipped the cap off the tube and coated his fingers generously with lube.

While Juri prepared himself, Taiga continued to fuck Juri’s mouth, snapping his hips slowly. Taiga quite liked watching his dick slide in and out of Juri’s mouth. It was probably his favourite part of blowjobs - to watch his dick move past somebody’s lips, again and again, turned him on much more than the slick heat, the gentle press of tongue or any of the other things people generally enjoyed.

Taiga brushed the pad of his thumb over Juri’s high cheekbone, the touch oddly gentle in comparison to the rough fucking he was giving Juri’s mouth. “You get prettier every month,” he told Juri. Juri hummed in reply and pulled his fingers free, finally prepared enough. He let Taiga’s dick slip out of his mouth and pressed a quick kiss to Taiga’s balls, before nipping at his hipbone.

Rising to his feet, Juri kissed Taiga again, a messy kiss full of tongue. Taiga kissed back for a minute or so, but then he took a hold of Juri’s shoulders and whirled him around, pushing Juri face-first against the wall. Juri braced himself against the wall, eager to get fucked. With his jeans stuck around his upper thighs, Juri couldn’t spread his legs as far as he wanted, but his desire was quite obvious regardless.

Taking a hold of Juri’s hips, Taiga shoved in with one smooth thrust, not pausing until he was ballsdeep inside. Juri was hot and quite tight, tighter than he usually was when Taiga prepared him, since Taiga always made sure Juri was good and ready. While he waited for Juri to adjust to the intrusion, Taiga nuzzled the back of Juri’s neck and rubbed soothing circles over Juri’s hips and up his sides.

“You call that rough?” Juri asked, as soon as he was sure he could speak without his voice shaking.

“Do you ever shut up?” Taiga replied, shoving three of his fingers into Juri’s mouth.

Juri moaned in surprise and moaned again when Taiga’s other hand wrapped around his dick. Nuzzling Juri’s neck, Taiga stroked Juri quick and rough, though he moved the fingers in Juri’s mouth at a slower pace.

When Taiga sank his teeth into Juri’s shoulder, Juri moaned, hips pushing backwards instinctively. Taiga took that as his signal to start fucking Juri in earnest. He pulled out slowly, then shoved back in hard, making Juri moan around his fingers.

“Okay?” Taiga asked and Juri squeezed tight around him in answer. With no more reason to hold back, Taiga sped up, fucking Juri with deep, hard thrusts, drawing a groan from Juri at every move. While he fucked him, Taiga kissed the back of Juri’s neck, breathing in the scent of his shampoo.

With Taiga’s fingers in his mouth, Juri couldn’t talk, couldn’t demand that Taiga fuck him harder, so he settled for moaning and sucking on Taiga’s fingers. Even with both arms braced against the wall, Juri could barely keep himself upright, the force of Taiga’s thrusts and his own shaky legs cooperating with gravity to almost take him down.

Taiga blew on Juri’s ear. “Want to get down on your hands and knees instead?” he asked, stroking Juri’s dick faster.

The different pace of hips and hand was bringing Juri close to his limit so he shook his head - Juri liked wallsex, liked it a whole lot. Something about having to stay on his feet just really did it for him, a thrill that sex in a bed or on the floor didn’t really provide.

When Taiga realized that Juri was close to coming, he pulled his fingers out of Juri’s mouth - he wasn’t too worried about Juri accidentally biting down, but Juri had a habit of screaming people’s names when he came and Taiga quite enjoyed that. He brought his hand down to fondle Juri’s balls, rolling them between his fingers.

Taiga swiped his thumb over the head of Juri’s dick, smearing the precome around, and Juri finally lost it, screaming Taiga’s name as he came all over Taiga’s fingers and the wall. Taiga pushed through the increased tightness, prolonging Juri’s orgasm until Juri shivered himself out.

Moving his hands to Juri’s hips, Taiga concentrated on chasing his own release. Juri was hot and tight around him, squeezing just right around his dick, and the soft little moans Juri was making were music to his ears.

When he felt that he was only moments away from coming, Taiga pulled out and turned Juri around. He pushed Juri down onto his knees, then jerked himself off over Juri’s face, the white drops of his release the only thing that could make Juri’s already pretty face even more enticing.

Juri grinned, licking up a drop of come that had landed close to his mouth. “Do I need to kabedon you again if I want you to take me home after work?”
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