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Title: Princess
Characters/Pairings: Kitayama/Fujigaya
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Kitayama knows what Fujigaya likes.

“Do me harder, damn you,” Fujigaya growled, struggling futilely against Kitayama’s grip on his wrists.

Kitayama grinned. “Beg,” he suggested as he moved his hips at an infuriatingly slow pace, fucking Fujigaya just fast enough to drive him to distraction.

“When the sun shines in hell.” Fujigaya glowered at Kitayama, but pinned down as he was, flat on his back in Kitayama’s bed, there wasn’t much he could do about it.

“I can go forever,” Kitayama hummed, shifting his hips so that his dick brushed over Fujigaya’s prostate just once, making Fujigaya moan in frustration.

Looking down, Kitayama idly watched his dick slide in and out of Fujigaya. “Look how desperate you’re for it,” Kitayama said, “your hole’s twitching every time I pull back, trying to draw me in deeper.”

“That’s cause your dick isn’t big enough to fill me properly,” Fujigaya shot back, still pushing against Kitayama’s hold. Even though Kitayama wasn’t fucking him nearly fast or hard enough, he was already flushed and panting for breath, more turned on by Kitayama’s hold on his wrists than he’d ever admit.

Kitayama just laughed at him. “Did you just call yourself a loose slut?”

“Fuck you. Fuck you and your tiny dick.”

“My ‘tiny dick’ has you all desperate,” Kitayama pointed out smugly, rolling his hips. “Beg and I’ll give you what you want. You know I’ll make it good for you.”

There was silence for a few minutes, only interrupted by Fujigaya’s panting and occasional moans, until Fujigaya finally gave in. Fujigaya squeezed his eyes shut. “Please.”

“Please, what?” Kitayama asked, stopping entirely.

“Please fuck me hard, you asshole,” Fujigaya demanded, eyes still shut. “Don’t make me say it aga-ahh!”

“All you had to do was ask.” Kitayama snapped his hips, shoving in deep. He fucked Fujigaya hard and fast, exactly the way Fujigaya liked it best. With all the twisting and moaning Fujigaya was doing, it wasn’t easy to keep that angle that hit Fujigaya’s prostate just right, but Kitayama had a lot of practice.

While Kitayama pounded him into the mattress, Fujigaya moaned unashamedly, neither one of them holding back anymore, until Kitayama suddenly stopped and pulled out. Before Fujigaya could protest, Kitayama flipped him over onto his hands and knees.

Fujigaya braced himself and Kitayama shoved back in, Fujigaya’s body opening up in welcome. Smirking, Kitayama grabbed a hold of Fujigaya’s hair and yanked.

“Fuck,” Fujigaya cursed, his head pulled backwards by the tight grip Kitayama had on his hair.

“This is why you like to have your hair long, isn’t it, princess?” Kitayama drawled.

“No,” Fujigaya gasped out between moans, his fingers digging deep into the sheets. “Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you!”

“I like when you let your hair get just a little longer, it makes your pretty face even prettier,” Kitayama continued, all the while pounding deep and hard into Fujigaya’s slick, hot ass.

“Don’t call me pretty, asshole,” Fujigaya snapped, but Kitayama just laughed.

“You can’t lie to me, Taisuke.” He yanked Fujigaya’s hair again, hard. Kitayama laughed again when Fujigaya moaned and shivered under him. “Does the pretty princess like his hair pulled?”

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Fujigaya gasped, trying to fight of his orgasm, but another yank on his hair drove him right over the edge. He went down cursing, squeezing tight around Kitayama while he called him a jerk and a fatass.

Kitayama pushed through the increased tightness, working Fujigaya through his orgasm until Fujigaya stopped cursing, at which point he pulled out and flipped Fujigaya over again. “I’m going to come on your pretty face.”

Fujigaya didn’t even argue, he simply flipped Kitayama the bird, but otherwise laid there and just took it. “Whatever.”

Kitayama moved up until he knelt over Fujigaya’s face, then quickly jerked himself off. “Come on, princess. Call me names.”

“You’re twisted, fatass” Fujigaya replied, but in his post-coital bliss, his glower didn’t have much strength.

With a snicker, Kitayama came, his come splashing all over Fujigaya’s face and even his hair. Fujigaya’s tongue sneaked out and licked up the drop of white that had landed on his lips.

Kitayama looked Fujigaya over. “Yeah, you’re my pretty, come-stained princess.” He was still laughing when Fujigaya shoved him out of the bed and onto the floor.
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