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Title: Banana Banana
Characters/Pairings: Juri/Shintaro
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Sex toys
Summary: Tiring Shintaro out takes more than just a dick.
Author’s Note: For [ profile] thesecretdoor <3

Juri flopped down onto his back, exhausted. “Damn, where do you get this stamina from?” he demanded. He could last quite a while himself, but Shintaro lasted easily twice as long and had a ridiculously short recovery period as well.

“Don’t just leave me like this! Come on, Juriii,” Shintaro whined, shoving at Juri’s side. Shintaro’s legs were spread wide, his hole twitching at the air.

“Ugh, okay, okay,” Juri grumbled, sitting up. He’d come hard, he always did with Shintaro’s body squeezing tight around him, and now his limbs were all weak, but he really couldn’t leave Shintaro unfulfilled like that. After his dick, his fingers probably wouldn’t be enough though. “Guess it’s time to break in your birthday present,” Juri said, grinning.

He ignored Shintaro’s questioning noise and stood up on shaky legs to get the gift out of his bag. Holding it behind his back, he walked back to the bed, then presented it to Shintaro with a flourish. “A banana for the gorilla,” he declared.

Shintaro stared at the yellow dildo. It was even shaped like a banana, rounded and slightly hooked. “You’re not putting that thing inside me.”

“I’m not,” Juri agreed, “but you are.”

Shintaro shook his head. “Juri…”

“It vibrates. And the hooked end will feel sooo good against your prostate,” Juri promised.

Shintaro chewed on his bottom lip, still not quite convinced.

“You can use it even when we’re apart.” Juri winked. “It’ll make phonesex so much better.”

“Ugh, fine, whatever.” Shintaro grabbed the dildo out of Juri’s hand.

“Here’s the lube,” Juri grinned, handing Shintaro a tube of banana flavoured lube.

Shintaro rolled his eyes. “What’s the point of flavoured lube when no one’s gonna taste it?”

“It’s the principle of the thing,” Juri replied airily, watching attentively as Shintaro spread a good amount of lube on the dildo.

With the tip of the dildo held just in front of his hole, Shintaro paused. “It’s weird when you just watch…”

“I’ll help out later,” Juri promised. “Just lemme watch for a while.”

Nodding his agreement, Shintaro pushed the dildo slowly into himself. He was already stretched and lubed from getting fucked by Juri earlier, so it went quite easily, despite the somewhat unusual shape. Shintaro moaned - it felt good to finally be filled again. He pushed the toy in as far as it would go, until the flared base rested against his ass.

“Flick the switch,” Juri advised.

Shintaro felt along the bottom of the dildo until he found the on switch and flipped it, moaning in surprise when the dildo began to vibrate inside him. The vibration against his inner walls felt incredible, much better than any real dick ever had, and he already liked those a whole lot.

While Shintaro writhed and moaned, Juri watched with interest. It was too early for him to get it up again, but Shintaro was well worth watching regardless. Shintaro’s strong thighs bunched as he lifted his hips, trying to get a better angle, and Juri knew right away when Shintaro finally got the tip of the dildo to brush across his prostate, because Shintaro’s whole body twitched and he gave a moan wanton enough to make Juri snicker.

Shintaro didn’t care at all, too caught up in his pleasure. He kept moving the dildo in and out of his ass at a slow pace, making sure to let the tip brush against his prostate on every stroke. If he’d known vibrators felt this good, he’d have gotten one much earlier. Only his wrist was starting to hurt from the awkward angle.

“Need any help?” Juri asked.

“Yeah,” Shintaro breathed, letting go off the dildo. He reached for Juri, and Juri went to him quickly, leaning down to kiss Shintaro while Shintaro grabbed a hold of Juri’s shoulders.

Without breaking the kiss, Juri reached down and twisted the dildo inside Shintaro, making Shintaro twitch and moan against his lips. He pulled the dildo out completely, then pressed the tip against Shintaro’s hole without pushing inside. The sensitive closing muscle twitched at the vibration and Shintaro moaned again, louder than before.

With a grin, Juri pushed the dildo in deep, then pulled it almost all the way out. Shintaro was always sensitive, but the way he reacted to getting fucked with the dildo was arousing beyond anything. “Damn, Shin,” Juri whispered against Shintaro’s lips. Shintaro’s moans were doing what Juri hadn’t thought possible, making him hard again so soon after coming.

Juri sat up and knelt between Shintaro’s legs so that he could watch properly while he fucked Shintaro with the yellow dildo. “Does the gorilla like his banana?” Juri teased.

“I’ll fucking give you a gorilla,” Shintaro groaned, digging his fingers into the sheets. Shintaro blinked at Juri. “You’re hard again. Why’re you still doing me with that toy?” he demanded.

“Fuck if I know.” Juri twisted the dildo one more time, then pulled it out of Shintaro and turned it off. Shintaro’s hole clenched and unclenched, practically begging to be filled again, so Juri pushed into him in one smooth thrust. Shintaro was hot and slick, squeezing around Juri perfectly as Juri drew back and pushed back in, making them both moan.

“Touch me,” Shintaro begged, his fingers twisting in the sheets as he pushed back against Juri’s hips.

“Not yet.” Juri grinned. He snapped his hips, enjoying every second. There were few things he loved more than making Shintaro gasp and moan and writhe underneath him and he had no intention of letting it end just yet. He shifted his grip on Shintaro’s hips, changing the angle until he hit Shintaro’s prostate spot on with every thrust. “You feel so good, Shin.”

“Same,” Shintaro gasped. “Juri.”

Juri leaned down for a kiss and Shintaro met him halfway. Their kiss was messy, all tongue and moaning, but Shintaro soon dropped back down onto his back to pant for breath. Juri dug his knees in and fucked Shintaro harder, not holding back at all now that they were both close, the sound of his hips slapping against Shintaro’s ass clearly audible even through Shintaro’s loud moans.

When Shintaro said his name again, Juri gave in and wrapped his fingers around Shintaro’s dick. He didn’t even have to stroke, Shintaro did the work all on his own, fucking up into Juri’s fist and down onto Juri’s dick. Shintaro came less than a minute later, clenching tight around Juri even as his come spilled all over Juri’s fingers.

Juri worked him through it, fucking through the increased tightness until Shintaro stilled. Then he pulled out and quickly jerked himself off over Shintaro’s stomach, increasing the mess Shintaro had already left there.

Exhausted, Juri flopped down and curled up close against Shintaro’s side. Shintaro was always nice and warm, perfect for cuddling. Juri yawned. He should probably put the toy away properly and clean the mess on Shintaro’s stomach up, but he was too comfortable to bother just now. “Happy birthday, Shin,” he murmured, but there was no reply - Shintaro had already fallen asleep, finally worn out.
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