Team Work

Oct. 20th, 2015 01:46 pm
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Title: Team Work
Characters/Pairings: Miyadate/Abe/Watanabe
Rating: NC-17
Summary: It’s not easy to get Abe to be loud.

Watanabe curled his fingers around Abe’s wrist, then used his hold to pull Abe’s hand down, away from his mouth. “Don’t muffle your noises, Abecchi. Let it allll out.”

“Nnh.” With his hand out of the way, Abe’s moans were quite loud even though he kept his lips firmly pressed together. It probably wasn’t loud enough to be heard next door, but the noises that slipped out were enough to drive the blood to Abe’s cheeks.

Making sure that both of Abe’s hands were pinned down firmly, Watanabe shifted a bit to get more comfortable. He couldn’t really see what Miyadate was doing down between Abe’s legs, but he knew from experience what miracles Miyadate could work with his tongue and even if he hadn’t been intimately familiar with all of Miyadate’s skills, Abe’s desperate little noises and the way Abe twitched occasionally would have been more than hint enough.

“Ahh!” A cry escaped Abe, then a second, louder than the first.

Abe struggled against Watanabe’s hold, his embarrassment clear to see, but Watanabe kept his grip - they’d been trying to get Abe to be loud for weeks and now that Abe was finally making noise he wasn’t about to let him escape.

Abe was wriggling around quite a bit, but Miyadate had an easier time holding his hips still than Watanabe had with his wrists. Abe’s hips were resting on a cushion, high enough to give Miyadate, who was lying on his stomach between Abe’s legs, easy access, and Miyadate had his arms curled around Abe’s thighs, pinning him in place.

Moaning, Abe arched his back and almost wrenched free of Watanabe’s hold. Head thrown back, eyes squeezed shut and mouth open on a moan, Abe looked incredibly appealing. Watanabe was really tempted by Abe’s open mouth - Abe always gave good blowjobs, even when he was distracted like this, but stuffing a dick in Abe’s mouth would have muffled his moans.

“You could beg,” Watanabe suggested.

“Begging, ah, never works with you,” Abe replied between moans, twisting against the sheets.

Watanabe laughed. “It works with Date,” he pointed out, but Abe knew better than to listen to him. It was true that Miyadate quite liked it when people begged, but there was no way he would move on to the next step before Watanabe was happy with the amount of noise Abe was making.

“Ah!” Abe yelped. Whatever Miyadate’s reaction to the conversation was, Abe clearly liked it a whole lot.

“Nice. You think they heard that next door?” Watanabe asked Miyadate.

“Maybe,” Miyadate replied as he sat up.

Watanabe switched his grip on Abe’s wrists so that he could hold both with one hand, leaving his other hand free. While Miyadate reached for the lube and slicked his fingers, Watanabe played with Abe’s nipples, pinching the little nubs while Abe tried to twist away from his touch - Abe’s nipples were surprisingly sensitive, a fact his bandmates liked to exploit whenever possible.

Miyadate’s fingers vanished inside Abe. As relaxed as Abe was from Miyadate’s tongue, two fingers went in easily, and the third didn’t give much more trouble, but Miyadate lingered there quite a while anyway until Abe couldn’t take the teasing anymore.

“Please,” Abe said, fully aware of Miyadate’s kink for hearing people beg. “Please.”

Watanabe snickered. “No, no you’re aren’t getting it that easily, Abeechi. Beg properly.”

Abe hesitated, but his face was already so red that his embarrassment couldn’t lend any more colour. “Please fuck me, Date-sama,” he begged, playing it up just a bit for Miyadate’s sake.

“Mh, since you asked so nicely,” Miyadate agreed after a quick glance at Watanabe. There was still lube on his fingers, so Miyadate used that to slick up his dick before slowly pushing into Abe. Abe was stretched and relaxed, but Miyadate’s dick was big enough that he had to go slow anyway.

Watanabe stroked himself slowly, still holding Abe’s wrists down. In his opinion, one of the best things about threesomes was that he got to watch Miyadate properly, from a better angle and without the distraction of that nice, thick cock pushing into him. Abe on the other hand was clearly unable to watch anything, eyes squeezed tightly shut as he tried to let Miyadate’s dick in.

Abe was gasping for breath, chest heaving, so Watanabe let go of Abe’s wrists to pet his hair, giving reassurance. Miyadate’s hands were drawing slow, calming circles on Abe’s hips as well, so it wasn’t too long before Abe relaxed and smiled at Miyadate. “Please,” Abe begged again, and this time Miyadate didn’t make him beg twice.

Miyadate soon had Abe moaning again, the sound more breathless than before. It was actually Watanabe who drew the occasional yelp from Abe by pinching his nipples, which Abe was helpless to stop. Miyadate drew the tip of his index finger up the length of Abe’s hard cock, startling a long moan out of Abe.

“Time to switch things up,” Miyadate grinned, pulling out. He tugged and pushed until Abe was sitting upright, then nudged him over into Watanabe’s lap.

Abe grabbed a hold of Watanabe’s shoulders, holding on tight as Miyadate guided him down onto Watanabe’s dick. Since Abe was all stretched and sensitive from Miyadate’s big dick, he could take Watanabe’s dick in easily, so Miyadate pushed him down fast. Without giving Abe any time to adjust, Watanabe thrust up, making Abe bounce.

At every thrust from Watanabe, Abe yelped, each yelp getting louder than the one before, until he reached noise levels that usually only Sakuma achieved. A particularly vigorous thrust from Watanabe threw Abe entirely off Watanabe’s cock, which chance Miyadate used to push Abe back down onto his back.

Miyadate pushed back into Abe before Abe quite knew what was happening, but Abe only grabbed at him, holding on desperately. While Miyadate fucked Abe deep and fast, Watanabe stroked himself, until Watanabe came, his come splashing all over Abe’s face. The surprised look on Abe’s face was enough to drive Miyadate over the edge too, who thrust in a last few times before spilling himself deep inside Abe.

“Hey!” Abe protested belatedly.

The door connecting their hotel room to the second snowman room opened and Fukazawa came in, followed by Sakuma and Iwamoto. “Who made Abe-chan scream like that and how did you do it?” Fukazawa asked, eyes wandering from Abe’s come-smeared face to his spread legs and twitching hole with obvious interest.

“Team work,” Miyadate replied, at the exact same moment as Watanabe said, “Date’s big dick.”
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