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Title: Ride with Me
Characters/Pairings: Juri/Hokuto
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Hokuto likes to ride Juri’s dick

“Wait, wait,” Hokuto panted, pushing at Juri’s shoulders, “let me ride you.”

Juri licked at the hollow of Hokuto’s throat before sitting up to look Hokuto over. “You look so good on your back though,” he replied, leering down at Hokuto.

Juri wasn’t lying - Hokuto did look amazing, all flushed skin, messy hair and sweet cooperation. When Juri pushed two fingers back into Hokuto, Hokuto moaned, his eyes fluttering shut. His hips rose into the touch, trying to get Juri’s fingers deeper. Hokuto needed more and he wasn’t shy about letting Juri hear it, moaning sweetly at every twist and curl of Juri’s fingers.

“Please?” Hokuto asked, clenching tight around Juri’s fingers in a silent appeal.

Juri pulled his fingers free and sat back. “If you want to do all the work, who am I to argue?”

He could always push Hokuto down and fuck him into the mattress later. Even if Hokuto riding him hadn’t been hot as fuck, Hokuto’s happy smile would have made it totally worth it. Hokuto sat up and brushed his hair out of his eyes. The movement was so cute that Juri nearly pounced him right then and there, but he held back. Hokuto crawled towards him, moving gracefully; the subtle play of muscles under skin held Juri’s attention effortlessly.

Hokuto climbed into Juri’s lap and wrapped his arms around Juri’s shoulders, holding on. Juri’s hands went to Hokuto’s thighs to help hold some of Hokuto’s weight as Hokuto slowly, slowly lowered himself down onto Juri’s dick. Even relaxed as Hokuto was, taking a dick as big as Juri’s in wasn’t easy, so Juri made sure that Hokuto took his time about it and didn’t rush.

Fingers digging into Juri’s shoulders, Hokuto lowered himself down slowly, his strong thigh muscles trembling from the effort. Hokuto was panting by this point, stretched wide to accommodate Juri’s thick cock. Eyes squeezed shut, Hokuto paused, allowing his body to adjust to the intrusion, Juri’s voice encouraging him. Juri made sure to tell Hokuto how good he felt, how hot and tight he was, how appealing his trembling thighs and cute little noises were. A pleased blush spread down Hokuto’s face and neck - compliments were one of Hokuto’s biggest weakness, one which Juri exploited shamelessly.

Juri kissed Hokuto’s throat, licking at Hokuto’s Adam’s Apple. He did that more to distract himself than to distract Hokuto, because by this point it was getting incredibly difficult to sit still, to not move his hips, when all he wanted was to thrust up into Hokuto’s tight body. About two thirds of his dick were inside Hokuto now and every moment he had to wait was delicious torture.

Hokuto was clearly getting impatient too, because he dropped the last several inches down all in one go, only to gasp and cling tight to Juri. Juri rubbed Hokuto’s back, dragging his palms over Hokuto’s skin in calming circles. “That was fucking stupid of you,” Juri murmured, his breath puffing against Hokuto’s ear. “And also freaking hot. So tight, Hokku.”

Juri wrapped his fingers around Hokuto’s dick, stroking him slowly. At the same time he nuzzled Hokuto’s neck, making sure to nip repeatedly at the sensitive spot where neck joined shoulder until Hokuto was moaning his name. Hokuto was still squeezing pretty tight by the time he rose up, but Juri figured Hokuto knew how much he could take how fast. Hokuto moved slowly at first, moving up and down on Juri’s big dick carefully, but he sped up soon enough.

This was Juri’s favourite part, where Hokuto could move easiest, sliding up and down smoothly. Later on, Hokuto’s thighs would start shaking, but for now he moved with a dancer’s grace, taking Juri’s dick in with wanton abandon. Hokuto’s moans were gradually rising in pitch, the sound hotter than anything else Juri had ever heard.

Once Hokuto found his rhythm, Juri began to thrust up as well, meeting Hokuto’s every move. Hokuto was holding on pretty tight, clutching at Juri’s shoulders, which was about half the reason why Juri did it this way - he liked when Hokuto was clingy and desperate, liked all the cute noises that were spilling from Hokuto’s lips and he especially enjoyed the way Hokuto looked right now, head thrown back and skin slick with sweat. Hokuto’s sexy-type image might have been mostly fake, hiding his fluffy nature, but Juri couldn’t deny that Hokuto was extremely hot once he got going.

Juri thrust up harder, making Hokuto bounce in his lap, each thrust drawing a groan from Hokuto. Hokuto was begging again, begging Juri to touch him, but Juri wasn’t inclined to let this end just yet. He nosed at Hokuto’s throat, then kissed and nibbled on Hokuto’s shoulders, sucking on Hokuto’s smooth skin to leave a few red marks. He wasn’t sure these hickeys would fade before tomorrow, but it wouldn’t be the first time the makeup staff yelled at Hokuto and it probably wouldn’t be the last either.

He squeezed Hokuto’s ass with both hands, enjoying the play of hard muscle under soft skin. By this point, Hokuto was sounding pretty desperate, so Juri gave in and wrapped his fingers around Hokuto’s dick. Hokuto’s moans got breathier, almost all air, interspersed with an occasional high wail. Hokuto was entirely silent when he came, mouth open but no sound coming out at all as he shivered and clenched tight around Juri, come splashing over Juri’s fingers and both of their stomachs.

With his orgasm, Hokuto seemed to have lost all strength. His legs wouldn’t hold him up at all anymore, so he slumped against Juri, sitting motionless in Juri’s lap. Juri was already used to how useless Hokuto was after coming, so he petted Hokuto’s hair and stroked his back, telling him how cute and hot he was until Hokuto stopped shaking. Once Hokuto had calmed down, Juri pushed him up, off his cock. Hokuto flopped bonelessly onto the bed, legs spreading wide in invitation.

Juri was nearing his limit himself, so he crawled on top of Hokuto, nudged Hokuto’s knees up and pushed back into him without hesitation. Hokuto moaned sweetly, always sensitive after orgasm, and clutched at Juri’s shoulders, holding him close. That was exactly how Juri liked it. With Hokuto moaning sweetly at every thrust, Juri didn’t feel any need to draw it out. He thrust in deep, Hokuto’s body slick and hot around him, welcoming him. Setting a fast rhythm, Juri fucked Hokuto into the mattress, taking him hard and fast.

Not quite done yet, Juri pulled out and flipped Hokuto over. He pulled Hokuto’s hips up and pushed back into him. Hokuto cried out softly, fingers digging into the sheets, legs spreading wider on their own. Taking a firm hold on Hokuto’s hips, Juri fucked him deep, drawing cute little moans out of Hokuto. Hokuto’s wide shoulders and sexy back were probably Juri’s favourite part of Hokuto’s body, immensely appealing and utterly kissable. Juri kissed the cute spot between Hokuto’s shoulderblades, then trailed kisses up the bumps of Hokuto’s spine. He nuzzled the soft hair at the back of Hokuto’s head for a moment before sinking his teeth into Hokuto’s round shoulder.

Hokuto cried out and that was as much as Juri could take. Pulling out, he flipped Hokuto over one last time and moved up to kneel at Hokuto’s head. Stroking himself quickly, Juri came, his come splashing all over Hokuto’s face. “Fuck, you’re hot,” Juri moaned, eyes roaming over Hokuto’s face and body. Hokuto looked utterly debauched, well-fucked and splattered with come.

Hokuto smiled sweetly up at him, reaching weakly for Juri. Juri rolled on top of Hokuto, letting Hokuto cling as much as he wanted while he kissed Hokuto’s face and shoulders. He should probably go and get some tissues to clean Hokuto up, but Hokuto didn’t seem inclined to let go anytime soon, and Juri certainly didn’t mind cuddling Hokuto for as long as Hokuto wanted or needed.
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