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Reposting my fills for the [ profile] je_anonficmeme .

Pairing: Hokuto/Yasui
Kink: biting, vampires?
Extra: Someone other than Hokuto is a vampire and bites Hokuto.

Hokuto groaned as Yasui’s fangs scratched over the side of his neck, not quite breaking the skin. “Are you sure you’re a vampire and not a succubus or something?”

Yasui’s answering chuckle vibrated against Hokuto’s skin, rendering it even more sensitive. He licked Hokuto’s skin, following the pulsing vein with his tongue. He could hear the blood rushing through Hokuto’s body, could hear his heart beat, every breath a turn on and invitation to dinner. Hokuto smelled quite tasty too, but Yasui didn’t bite him just yet. Instead he kissed his way over Hokuto’s shoulder, down his arm, to the crook of his elbow. The tip of his tongue flicked over the sensitive skin once and then Yasui sank his teeth deep into the vein.

Moaning, Hokuto could barely keep on his feet as Yasui drank his blood in small, delicate sips. It felt so good, Yasui’s vampiric powers coursing through his veins like fiery pleasure. Before Hokuto knew it, it was already over, Yasui’s fangs withdrawing from his flesh. There was blood smeared around the corner of Yasui’s mouth and a strange glow in Yasui’s eyes. Unable to resist, Hokuto leaned in to claim a kiss, tasting his own blood in Yasui’s mouth.

Pairing: Kitayama x Tottsu
Kink: Public sex and hair pulling

The dressing room door was open wide enough that anyone who walked past would have seen them, but right at this moment Totsuka couldn’t have cared less. Up against the wall, with his legs around Kitayama’s waist and Kitayama hot and hard inside him, nothing mattered much except for Kitayama’s touch, Kitayama’s moans, and the pleasure they shared.

He dug his fingers into Kitayama’s hair and pulled, drawing a pleased grunt from Kitayama. Totsuka yanked Kitayama’s hair again, harder this time, hard enough that Kitayama had to bite down on Totsuka’s shoulder to muffle his moan.

Pleased with the response, Totsuka gently brushed his fingers through Kitayama’s hair while Kitayama fucked him hard and fast, their moans mingling in the air.

Pairing: Senga/Fujigaya
Kink: Senga holds Fujigaya down and fucks him until he comes without getting touched

Two of Fujigaya’s fingers dragged slowly over his biceps and all of Senga’s attention was instantly focused on his tease of a bandmate. That’s even before Fujigaya leaned in close, hot puffs of breath turning the shell of Senga’s ear sensitive. “So strong,” Fujigaya whispered.

Senga shivered, not so much because of the compliment but because he recognized the tone. He knew where this was going.

“Do you know what I want, Ken-chan?” Fujigaya asked.

The tip of Fujigaya’s tongue traced Senga’s ear and that surely didn’t make thinking easier. “Dick?” Senga offered, always a safe bet.

Fujigaya’s laugh was genuine, not the practiced stage laugh or the seductive laugh he uses for senpai who tell boring jokes. It sounded a bit silly and not at all erotic, but for Senga it was probably the hottest thing he’d heard from Fujigaya so far.

Fujigaya patted Senga’s shoulder. “Why do I even bother?” Before Senga could kick himself for blowing his chance, Fujigaya continued, “Come home with me. Bring your dick.”


By the time he’d got two fingers inside Fujigaya, Senga was pretty sure he’d figured out what Fujigaya wanted from him. To test his theory, Senga yanked Fujigaya’s hair, hard. He knew he’d got it right when he didn’t die instantly. Instead, Fujigaya moaned and arched under him, squeezing tight around his fingers.

The corners of Senga’s mouth twitched up. If Fujigaya wanted it that bad, two fingers were probably enough. Fujigaya evidently agreed, because as soon as Senga pulled his fingers free, Fujigaya reached for a condom packet. Senga grabbed the condom packet - if he let Fujigaya put it on him, he wasn’t sure how long he’d last and for what he wanted to do, he needed all his stamina.

“Don’t hold back,” Fujigaya demanded.

Senga certainly had no intention of holding back at all. Flat on his back, with his legs spread and desperate for Senga’s dick, Fujigaya was gorgeous. Senga pushed in with a sharp thrust of his hips, drawing a moan from Fujigaya. Fujigaya’s arms went around Senga’s neck, pulling him close enough to kiss.

While they kissed, Senga fucked Fujigaya with deep, hard thrusts, not especially fast yet but slowly speeding up. Fujigaya’s tongue curling against his was quite a distraction, as were Fujigaya’s nails digging into his shoulders. When Fujigaya bit down on his lip, Senga remembered what he was supposed to do. He grabbed Fujigaya’s wrists and pinned them down next to his shoulders, then dug his knees in and fucked Fujigaya hard enough to make him groan.

“Rougher,” Fujigaya demanded between moans, squeezing tight around Senga in encouragement. “All that strength is pointless if you don’t, ah, use it.”

Pressing Fujigaya’s wrists down into the mattress, Senga snapped his hips faster, slamming in as roughly as he could, Fujigaya’s pleased moans driving him on. If he wanted to get Fujigaya off like this, he needed something more though. Senga pushed Fujigaya’s hands up over his head and switched his grip so that he could hold both of Fujigaya’s wrists with one hand, leaving his other hand free. He dug the fingers of his free hand into Fujigaya’s hair and yanked. Fujigaya twitched underneath him, inner walls clenching around Senga’s dick.

Fujigaya cursed, gasping rude words out between moans. While Fujigaya cursed, Senga caressed his hair gently, rubbed at Fujigaya’s scalp and petted his head, but as soon as Fujigaya went back to moaning, Senga pulled his hair again, not quite as hard as before. He didn’t neglect the movement of his hips either - Senga snapped his hips, changing the angle until his dick dragged over Fujigaya’s prostate just right at every thrust.

As a dancer, it was easy for Senga to synchronize his movements. Soon he was pulling Fujigaya’s hair with every thrust and Fujigaya was positively writhing underneath him, moans and gasps for breath the only commentary. Senga was close himself, but he didn’t think Fujigaya would be able to last much longer, not with the way he clenched tight around Senga at every pull to his hair.

When Fujigaya came, it was all of a sudden - one moment, he was moaning, and the next he was suddenly arching his back and twitching, his hands almost jerking free from Senga’s grip. Fujigaya was silent while his orgasm rolled through him, his body taut with tension that vanished all of a sudden. Fujigaya relaxed all at once, his untouched dick giving one last twitch.

Now that Fujigaya had been taken care of, Senga was free to concentrate on his own release. He let go off Fujigaya’s wrists and hair, then sat up to look Fujigaya over properly while he fucked him with quick snaps of his hips. Fujigaya looked utterly debouched, his hair messy and his stomach covered in come.

Movements slow and languid, Fujigaya brought his hand down to his stomach and dragged a finger through the mess. Senga had seen Fujigaya do that a hundred times - next he would bring his finger up to his mouth and lap at it with little flicks of his tongue, or suck it into his mouth and make the most obscene noise. That thought was the last straw. Fujigaya licking come off his fingers had been an integral part of pretty much all of Senga’s masturbatory fantasies for as long as he could remember, so it was no surprise that he couldn’t last one moment longer. Thrusting in deep a few last, desperate times, Senga came with a grunt, keeping his eyes open the whole time. Senga finally collapsed on top of Fujigaya, completely exhausted. He never wanted to move again.

Fujigaya curled his fingers in Senga’s hair and tugged just hard enough to sting. With an enormous act of will, Senga raised his head to look at Fujigaya. “Don’t make a habit of it,” Fujigaya warned, the tug on Senga’s hair making it clear what he was talking about. A smile softened the rebuke and Fujigaya leaned up to kiss Senga.

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