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A bunch of drabbles, written over the last year or so. SixTONES-centric! Various pairings and threesomes, with a few guest appearances by other people. Mostly porn, some fluff or AU. A bit of kink, but nothing too weird, I think.


Taiga’s hand was still loosely curled around Juri’s softening cock, the mess drying on Taiga’s fingers and stomach. That was only fair, Juri figured, since Taiga’s come had dried in his hair. They should probably move, clean up and get the blankets, but Taiga looked so cute, asleep and cuddled close against Juri, that Juri didn’t have the heart to wake him.


A heavy weight dropping on his chest woke Kouchi up.

“Napping in the dressing room is dangerous,” Jesse told him, grinning at him from very up close, “‘cause your sleeping face is really cute.”

Jesse’s lips moving insistently against his woke Kouchi the rest of the way up. “Mmh,” he hummed, kissing back. This was definitely one of the pleasanter ways Jesse had woken him up with. Much more pleasant than the time Jesse poured a glass of ice cold water over his head, certainly.

His tongue brushing against Jesse’s, Kouchi worked a hand into Jesse’s hair. Jesse’s hips were rolling down against his in an entirely distracting manner, and the cute noises Jesse was making weren’t exactly helping him think either.


Shintaro’s palms hit the mirror on either site of his head. Kouchi’s heart skipped a beat, before picking back up quite a bit faster than before.

“You cut your hair.”

Kouchi gulped. Shintaro’s face was suddenly very close. “Double kabedon?” Kouchi asked, his voice only a little shaky. “Against the mirror?”

“Uh huh.”

Shintaro’s lips brushing against his made all future questions moot. He didn’t really need answers anyway, Kouchi decided, fingers digging into Shintaro’s strong shoulders.


When Kouchi glanced over, Hokuto was still looking at him through his bangs. “Is there something on my face?”

Cheeks slowly turning pink, Hokuto shook his head. “Your hair looks really good,” Hokuto offered by way of explanation.


Before Kouchi could quite figure out what to make of that, Hokuto leaned in, lips brushing gently against Kouchi’s.

Hokuto’s lips were soft and eager, very pleasant and kissable. Kouchi kissed back with no reservations, losing himself in the kiss, his hands finding their way to Hokuto’s hips of their own volition. Hokuto’s hands ended up in his hair, combing through the strands more gently than Kouchi would have expected.


When Kouchi walked into the dressing room in the morning, Taiga’s eyes narrowed. Kouchi dropped his bag in his usual place, but when he looked up, Taiga was still staring at him. “Taiga?”

“What do you think you’re doing?” Taiga replied, stepping right into Kouchi’s space. “Who allowed you to get all sexy?”

Without giving Kouchi any time to ask questions, Taiga dug his fingers into Kouchi’s hair and kissed him, lips moving insistently. Kouchi blinked in surprise, but Taiga was a good kisser, skilled though perhaps a bit more forceful than Kouchi prefered, and Kouchi soon lost himself in the kiss.


Exhausted, Hokuto flopped down flat onto his back on the practice mat. His legs felt like jelly, and dance practice wasn’t even half over. Kouchi sat down next to him, offering his water bottle.

Groaning, Hokuto sat back up and accepted the bottle. “Thanks,” he said, giving Kouchi a sweet smile.

Overheated as Hokuto was, the cold water was the most delicious thing he’d ever tasted. He was only vaguely aware of the noises he was making, until Kouchi pulled the bottle out of his hand and pushed him back down onto his back.

Hokuto only had time for a startled noise before Kouchi was on him, pressing him into the practice mat and kissing him senseless.


“Relax,” Taiga advised, snapping her hips, pushing the strap-on dildo deeper into Jesse’s tight ass.

Jesse cursed under his breath, his hands clenching into fists. This toy was BIG. If he’d known it would end up like this, he… probably would have done the exact same thing, he silently admitted to himself. He’d known very well that asking Taiga if he could come over her face was a stupid, dangerous idea.

“Want me to stop?” Taiga asked, rolling her hips.

Jesse shook his head. There was nothing he loved more than this - to be on his hands and knees, with his hands cuffed to the headboard and a giant dildo breaking his ass open. If he didn’t love submitting so much, he probably wouldn’t be dating Taiga of all people. He wasn’t sure if the gangleader even liked guys, but she certainly liked humbling him.


“If we get caught, it’s your fault,” Taiga murmured into Yasui’s ear as he pushed him down onto his back. A towel on the beach wasn’t exactly the most private place, even if it was the middle of the night and no one else was around for miles.

“All my fault,” Yasui agreed breathily, arching into Taiga’s touch. As long as Taiga kept doing that with his fingers, he’d have agreed to anything. “Oh,” he cried out, his voice louder than intended.


Taiga’s eyes widened in shock - Yasui was strong, unexpectedly so. He should have been able to break Yasui’s grip on his wrists easily, but instead he found himself pinned, flat on his back in Yasui’s bed, equal parts turned on and pissed off.

“Don’t treat me like a girl,” he hissed, even as his legs spread and his hips moved to roll against Yasui’s.

“That’s easy,” Yasui replied, leaning in close to lick at the shell of Taiga’s ear. “I’ve never had a girl in my bed, and I’ve got no intention of changing that.”

“Nnh,” Taiga moaned, turning his head to give Yasui access to his neck. “That’s not what I meant, asshole, and you know it.”

Yasui kissed his cheek. “Don’t worry, Kyomo-chan. I won’t tell anyone how easily you gave it up and what a good fuck you are.”


Taiga cursed silently to himself and Hokuto grinned. “You lost~”

“You were just lucky,” Taiga replied hotly, but he did take the dress and wig Hokuto offered him. A bet was a bet after all.

“Don’t be a sore loser.” Hokuto watched while Taiga put the dress and wig on and applied make up. “You make such a pretty girl, Kyomo-chan.”

Taiga fluffed up his skirt and flipped the long hair of his wig over his shoulder. “You think so?” he asked, a dangerous glint in his eyes.


Hokuto moaned. He knew he’d regret this tomorrow, knew he should have insisted on Taiga preparing him properly, but angry Taiga in drag was just too freaking hot. “Harder,” he begged, quite unnecessarily. Taiga was already pounding into him at full strength, fucking him into the floor.

The long, curly hair of the wig made Taiga’s face even prettier, even more feminine, and Hokuto bit down on his tongue to keep from voicing that thought - he needed to be able to walk. The pink lipgloss made Taiga’s mouth look even more inviting than usual and Hokuto’s thoughts drifted to earlier; Taiga’s pink lips wrapped around his dick while Taiga’s long fingers opened him up roughly was probably the hottest thing Hokuto had ever seen.


With a grin, Taiga slipped his hand into his pocket and thumbed the remote control, setting the bullet vibrator inside Jesse’s ass to vibrate. Jesse twitched but carried on with practice almost normally, pretending that nothing was happening.

Leaning back against the mirror, Taiga watched Jesse dance. Jesse’s movements were as fluid as always, but his ears were bright pink and he was breathing faster than he usually would this early during practice.


Jesse bent over over to pick the report up that had somehow ended up under the desk, his short nurse skirt riding up high enough to show he wasn’t wearing anything underneath.

Doctor Taiga slapped his nurse’s ass. “Stop that, I’m trying to measure Kouchi’s blood pressure and it goes through the roof every time you bend over.”

“Sorry,” Jesse and Kouchi apologized at the same moment.


“Don’t worry, I’m a trained professional,” Nurse Jesse reassured Shintaro.

Shintaro looked doubtful, but followed Jesse’s instructions and pushed his pants and boxers down to mid-thigh before lying down on his stomach. If Shintaro could have seen Jesse’s grin, he would likely have been even more doubtful. Jesse spread Shintaro’s buttcheeks and inserted the thermometer.

“Are you sure that’s necessary?” Shintaro asked again.

Patting Shintaro’s butt, Jesse replied, “Yep. Your face was all red, so I need to check if you’ve got a fever.”

Shintaro huffed. “That was just because your skirt’s so short…”


Slowly, Taiga drew the ice cube down the length of Jesse’s arm, over the palm of his hand and to his fingertips. Most of the ice cube had melted by this point, so he dropped the small leftover bit of ice on Jesse’s stomach, drawing a hiss from Jesse, and grabbed a new cube from the bowl. Taiga dragged the ice over Jesse’s wrist in slow circles, trailing cold over the soft, already reddened skin before moving up his arm once more.

Jesse was panting; the caresses and the cold and the random brushes of Taiga’s fingers were driving him wild, and they hadn’t even gotten anywhere near the good parts yet. “Please,” he begged, not entirely sure what he was asking for, just knowing that he needed more.


With his tied hands trapped underneath him, Jesse couldn’t brace himself, which meant that his head bumped against the door at every thrust of Kouchi’s hips, but he didn’t mind - quite the opposite. The ballgag kept him from begging for more and Kouchi’s hands on his hips kept him from moving to meet Kouchi’s thrusts, so all Jesse could do was take it.

One of Jesse’s legs was up over Kouchi’s shoulder, his other leg squished awkwardly against the back of the driver’s seat. The leather of the backseat was rough against his bare skin, but Kouchi’s touch was gentle, the contrast driving Jesse near crazy with lust.


Kouchi’s dick wasn’t long enough to fuck Jesse’s throat properly, but Kouchi didn’t let that stop him - if his boyfriend wanted dick down his throat, Kouchi would give him that. He pushed the dildo deeper into Jesse’s mouth, shoving another two inches down his throat.

Jesse’s moan was quite audible, even muffled as it was by the thick dildo in his mouth and throat. On his knees, with his wrists tied to his ankles, Jesse was almost as helpless as he wanted to be, but he still begged for more with his eyes.


Taiga purred, arching his back like a cat. It just felt so good; Juri’s fingers petting his ears was the best thing he’d ever felt, better than sex almost. “Maybe growing cat ears and a tail wasn’t such a bad thing,” Taiga sighed, flopping more fully into Juri’s lap.

“It’s certainly made you more cuddly,” Juri replied, sounding amused, but since he continued to scratch Taiga’s ears juuust right, Taiga decided not to scratch him.


The black collar made Taiga’s pale skin almost glow in contrast, dark and light combining to striking effect. The dark-furred cat ears poking out of Taiga’s bleach-blond hair had a similar effect, though muted.

“Damn,” Hokuto cursed. His new pet exceeded all expectations. “Come here.”

Taiga blinked once and yawned, his slit-pupiled cat-eyes giving him a haughty look.


Hokuto spreas his wings, the dark feathers blotting out the sun. “Play with me, Shin-chan.”

Shintaro snorts. “Is that your famous pickup line? Is that seriously how you got all the others to fall?” But even as he speaks those words, trying to sound dismissive, Shintaro moves closer, his feet moving almost of their own volition. And that’s even before Hokuto smiles, that sweet, sweet smile that should be marred by the fangs and blood-red eyes but isn’t.

“I like you, Shin-chan,” Hokuto says.

Shintaro knows demons lie, knows it with every fibre of his being, but his hearts beats faster at those honeyed words. His arms wrap around Hokuto, pulling him close. Those black wings are surprisingly soft, soft as bunnies and fluffy clouds, soft as first love, soft as a summer’s breeze. Their kiss is anything but innocent, all tongue and fangs and temptation.

“I like you,” Hokuto whispers against Shintaro’s lips, the sweet lie burning almost as much as the damnation spreading through Shintaro’s soul, turning his wings black as night. “That’s why I kept you for last.”


Hokuto backs up, white wings drawn close to his body. “How… when did you fall, Shin-chan?”

Leather looks good on Shintaro, surprisingly, the dark wings complementing the bad boy look, but Shintaro’s grin is just as boyish and fun as it used to be. “You left me behind, Hokku.” Shintaro’s voice is light and easy, but something passes through his eyes. “You and the others.”

That brings Hokuto to a stop, the door to freedom just a few steps away. “No!” He wills Shintaro to believe him. “We didn’t notice. I swear we didn’t. Juri went back for you, as soon as he saw you weren’t with us anymore. Please, Shin. We can fix this…”

“Yes, you can.” Shintaro is a lot closer now, almost close enough to touch. “One for all and all for one, isn’t that how it goes?”

There are little horns half-hidden in Shintaro’s hair, the cuteness incongruous. “Shin…”

Shintaro holds out his fist. “I’ve got something to show you.”

Hokuto shakes his head, he’s sure he doesn’t want to see anything a demon would show him, not even if this demon used to be his friend, but Shintaro pays no mind. Shintaro opens his hand and four white feathers drift in the air, turning to ash as the moonlight strikes them.

“No,” Hokuto whispers. “No.”

“Yes.” There’s finality in the way that this one word echoes through the deserted hall. “You’re the last one left.”


There are whispers, quite a few of them, but so far no one has dared tell Kouchi to his face that his apprentice isn’t suitable. Kouchi’s sword is sharp, and while he doesn’t have much of a temper, he is clearly protective of his chosen.

“Kouchi-dono,” Jesse sing-songs, interrupting the sharp ring of steel on steel, “want me to polish your sword?”

Kouchi can’t quite keep his cheeks from heating up. “Concentrate, Jesse.”


On his hands and knees, with Taiga’s dick in his mouth, Juri was even prettier than usual. The desperate noises Juri made around Taiga’s cock every time Hokuto thrust deep into him only enhanced his appeal, sweet little noises that made Taiga want to yank Juri’s hair just a little.

Instead Taiga pushed deeper into Juri’s mouth, deeper, until he was fucking Juri’s throat as deeply as Hokuto was fucking his ass. Juri’s groaned around Taiga’s dick, the vibration driving Taiga nuts, but then Juri was suddenly shaking, pushing back against Hokuto, forwards against Taiga, and a moment later Juri was already coming, his untouched dick twitching as his come splattered against the sheets.

“Damn,” Hokuto cursed at the same moment as Taiga gasped “Fuck!”


Taiga stares, her mouth falling open. She knew Yasui looked good in traditional garb, but even so this pink kimono exceeds all expectations. It isn’t properly closed, showing a good part of Yasui’s pale shoulders and the swell of her breasts, but the impropriety of it only makes it more appealing.

“Please tell me you weren’t photographed like this,” Taiga finally brings out, her mouth suddenly dry. This is one of the moments where she’s really glad that she isn’t a guy - this sudden spike of arousal would be very hard to hide for a guy, especially since she’s only wearing a flimsy skirt.

Yasui smiles sweetly, eyelashes fluttering and eyes knowing. Taiga blushes bright red - her arousal might not be visible, but of course Yasui knows, knows exactly how wet Taiga is for her.

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\o/ asdfghjkl The demon set! THE DEMONS!!!!!!! Assdffghhjkl

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XD Which do you like more, seductive demon Hokuto, or revengeful demon Shin?

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Oh god everythibg is so hot. Wait. I liked all the Kouchi parts where he was so fucking fuckable bec of his hair.

Date: 2016-04-13 10:41 pm (UTC)
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Kouchi's hair was super pretty, of course I had to write alllll the porn about it *laughs* Kouchi should keep his hair a bit longer always!

Thanks for commenting! <3


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