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A bunch of drabbles, written over the last year or so. Snowman-centric! Various pairings and threesomes, with a few guest appearances by other people. Mostly porn, some fluff or AU. A bit of kink, but nothing too weird, I think.


Holding on tight, Watanabe pressed his face against the curve of Miyadate’s shoulder. The slick, warm skin was very tempting and he almost sank his teeth into his boyfriend’s shoulder, but they had a shirtless photoshoot tomorrow and he didn’t want him to get yelled at by the staff again. Instead he licked at Miyadate’s skin; the water had washed away most of Miyadate’s taste.

A quiet moan sounded from somewhere close by and then a second. Watanabe’s eyes snapped open and he raised his head to meet Miyadate’s eyes - that sound came from the next shower over. They weren’t alone. A moment of silent communication, then Miyadate carefully set Watanabe down and they walked on silent feet, quietly, quietly out of their shower.

Another moan guided them to a shower cabin a few steps down the line. Watanabe took a hold of the shower curtain and pushed it aside in one quick move. “Caught you!” he laughed. “Were you listening to us?”

Abe’s head snapped up, his eyes wide and startled. Abe’s face was beet red and his hand was curled around his hard dick. “N-no!” Abe stammered. “I…”

“You were,” Miyadate crowed. “Abecchi, you bad boy.”


“Tell me how you want it, Abecchi,” Fukazawa coaxed, his hands gentle on Abe’s skin.

Abe shook his head, his sweat-soaked hair clinging to his temples. “Any way is fine.”

“Big talk.” Fukazawa squeezed Abe’s thigh. “Your legs totally won’t hold you up if I want anything more adventurous. ”


Miyadate’s low chuckle and hot breath against his ear was almost as distracting as the things Watanabe’s clever tongue was doing to his dick. Watanabe’s hair looked so soft and Fukazawa’s fingers itched with the urge to dig into that mop of hair and tug Watanabe’s mouth down over his dick properly, but Miyadate was holding his wrists.

“You guys are evil,” Fukazawa groaned. He tried to snap his hips, to push deeper into Watanabe’s hot, wet mouth, but Watanabe stopped him with a firm grip on his hips. “Stop teasing already, damn you.”


Iwamoto’s head bumped against the headboard and he cursed. Letting go of his dick, Iwamoto braced himself against the headboard with both hands, but his arms soon shook from the force of Fukazawa’s thrusts. “Fuck, you’re enthusiastic today,” Iwamoto gasped out.

“Do you even know how fucking hot you look in that costume?” Fukazawa growled. “I had a boner all through practice! I wanted to bend you over or shove you up against the mirrors all day.”

Iwamoto grinned. “Good. Next time just fucking do it. Do you know how many times I’ve walked in on Date and Shota? Serves them right to walk in on us for once.”


“Yeah,” Sakuma moaned, bouncing on Fukazawa’s dick, “oh yeah.”

Every time Fukazawa snapped his hips up, Sakuma moaned, a sweet sound that only spurred him on more. He knew he could make Sakuma scream if he did it right and if he did it really right he could sometimes even make Sakuma come just from fucking him, though that was rarer.

“Give it to me harder,” Sakuma demanded, voice breathy and eyes fierce. “Don’t hold back.”


With a dick that big, Hashimoto wouldn’t have needed any fancy technique to satisfy any but the most demanding partner, yet with every thrust he showed Fukazawa that he knew exactly what he was doing.

“Fuck,” Fukazawa cursed, fingers digging into Hashimoto’s shoulders. “fuck, fuck, fuck.”


Fukazawa hummed with contentment. There were few things he enjoyed more than getting spoiled by one of his senpai and Kawai was by far his favourite: warm, gentle hands, comfortable hugs and enough freaky ideas to make even him blush sometimes.

Kawai’s fingers trailed up the inside of Fukazawa’s thigh, following the drips of half-dried come. “Ready to go again?” Kawai asked even as he pushed two fingers back into Fukazawa.

Fukazawa hummed an affirmation. While his body drew Kawai’s fingers in eagerly, his dick didn’t stir, but he didn’t mind. He knew Kawai would make it good.

“Not quite, huh?” Kawai chuckled. “Never fear, Doctor K. can fix this.”

Kawai sucked the tip of Fukazawa’s soft dick into his mouth rather showily, making almost as many slurping noises as the average porn star. Despite his giggles at Kawai’s antics, Fukazawa slowly hardened, until his dick was big and heavy against Kawai’s tongue.

Satisfied with the result, Kawai let Fukazawa’s cock slip out of his mouth and patted it jokingly. “What did I tell you? There’s nothing Doctor K.’s special treatment can’t fix.”


Miyadate gasped, fingers digging into the pillow. It felt so good, Watanabe driving into him just right, each thrust bringing him closer and closer to completion. He pushed back, trying to pull Watanabe’s dick in deeper, meeting Watanabe’s rhythm perfectly.

His dick was hot and heavy, aching with the need to be touched, but his arms were shaking so much that if he reached for it he’d fall on his face. “Shota,” he moaned, the note of pleading in his voice as much begging as he could bring himself to do.


“Hey!” Abe protested when Miyadate’s come hit his face, and “Hey!” again when Fukazawa’s release followed right after. “Not fair.”

Watanabe snickered. “Abecchi’s last~” He flopped down on top of Sakuma and spread his legs, pushing Sakuma’s legs apart with his own, offering both of them up to Abe. “Come and take your prize.”

“What kind of prize is ‘a ready pile of asses’ anyway?” Abe demanded, but he did move closer until he was kneeling right between Watanabe’s legs. It did look good, he had to admit that. There was come dripping out of Sakuma’s hole, quite a lot of it. Watanabe’s hole was free of come, but it was stretched wide open and twitching, practically begging to be fucked again.

“An awesome prize, obviously,” Sakuma declared, wiggling invitingly, or as much as he could with Watanabe’s weight on top of him.

Iwamoto’s hands were suddenly on Abe’s hips, pushing him forwards. It was probably for the best because Abe wasn’t entirely sure he could have decided on his own which of his two bandmates he wanted to fuck first. Abe slid into Sakuma with no resistance at all and his quiet noise of pleasure was entirely drowned out by Sakuma’s pleased moan.

“Oh yeah,” Sakuma moaned, squeezing tight around Abe’s dick. “Give it to me good.”

Blushing, Abe did exactly that. Drawing back until only the tip of his dick remained inside was already enough to draw another loud moan from Sakuma, which only got louder when Abe pushed back inside. Sakuma was hot and tight, squeezing just right around Abe, but when Abe’s dick slipped out of Sakuma after just a handful of thrusts, Abe used the opportunity to shove into Watanabe instead. Watanabe’s moan was just as sweet as Sakuma’s, his inner walls hot and slick around Abe.


With slow, teasing flicks of his tongue Watanabe worked Miyadate over, teasing just along the edge.

Shota,” Miyadate moaned, a clear note of desperation in his voice.

Watanabe didn’t speed up, but he spread Miyadate open just a tiny bit wider, licked in just a tiny bit deeper.


Fukazawa rubbed the tip of his dick up and down the cleft of Abe’s ass. “Tell me what you want.”

A quiet moan was all the answer Fukazawa got. Abe clearly wanted it, wanted it bad, his hard dick and stretched, twitching hole evidence enough of his desire, but begging didn’t come natural to the youngest Snow Man.

“You want my dick,” Fukazawa encouraged, “say it, Abecchi.”


“Ride me, Abecchi,” Fukazawa demanded, pulling Abe into his lap.

After getting fucked by Watanabe, Miyadate and Sakuma, Abe was more than stretched enough to take Fukazawa’s dick in easily, but he went slow nontheless, not wanting to admit just how much he needed it.

“Tease,” Fukazawa groaned, pushing down on Abe’s hips with his hands. “Move it, you.”


“Give it to him good, Ryota,” Watanabe said, pinning Fukazawa’s wrists down firmly.


Muffled by Watanabe’s dick in his mouth, Sakuma’s moans weren’t as loud as usual, but he was still much louder than Abe, who had his face pressed against Iwamoto’s neck to keep his noises down.

Strangely, Fukazawa wasn’t making any noise at all, only panting for breath while Miyadate fucked him into the mattress.


The others teased him about it, but despite his pink cheeks, Abe didn’t really mind that much. The shower was probably the only place where Fukazawa’s hair wasn’t giant and fluffy and ridiculous, and Abe wasn’t about to miss even a second of Fukazawa’s pretty face looking even prettier without the distracting of weird poodle hair.


Miyadate nibbled on Watanabe’s earlobe, sucking on each piercing in turn.

“Mh, Ryota” Watanabe moaned, tugging on the handcuffs that kept his wrists firmly attached to the headboard. “Please. Don’t tease.”

Miyadate chuckled at his boyfriend’s impatience. He had no intention of rushing things now that he had an opportunity to actually take his time, but he quite enjoyed hearing Watanabe beg. He kissed his way down Watanabe’s neck, nipping at the red marks he’d left on the way up and leaving quite a few more.


“Okay, okay.” It wasn’t like he wasn’t willing to try - Iwamoto just didn’t think it could possibly work. He bent over the couch’s armrest, then looked back over his shoulder to grin at Sakuma. “Now what?” Even if he spread his legs ridiculously wide and Sakuma went up on his tiptoes, there was just NO WAY Sakuma could fuck him while standing up.

He was not at all prepared for the rough shove between his shoulderblades, sending him face-down onto the couch. The armrest dug into his stomach, his legs splayed wide, and then there was the blunt head of Sakuma’s dick pushing into him.

“Ohh,” Iwamoto moaned, equal parts surprised and turned on. One of Sakuma’s hands pressed between his shoulderblades, keeping him firmly down while Sakuma fucked him with short, deep thrusts.


Abe yanked on the leash, pulling Fukazawa towards him. “On your knees.”

Eyes wide, Fukazawa obeyed. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d been this turned on and he wasn’t entirely sure how they’d gotten from a joking suggestion of handcuffs to this surprising discovery of Abe’s hidden, kinky side, but he had certainly no complaints. “Abecchi…”

Abe grinned, pushing his slipping glasses back up the bridge of his nose. “That’s Abe-sama to you,” he corrected, giving the leash another yank.


Bent over the desk, with his wrists and ankles cuffed to different table legs, Fukazawa was just about as helpless as he could be. The borrowed school uniform gave the situation a vague sense of delicious tabooness. “Abe-sensei, please,” he begged, the words sending a thrill down his spine.

The cane descended on Fukazawa’s exposed ass, drawing a yelp from him. “Don’t talk during class,” Abe reprimanded, looking quite fetching in a very proper suit and tie.


Abe’s fingers twitched and Fukazawa grinned. It wasn’t easy to get Abe to play rough, but the signs were good - he was almost there. He kissed Abe’s hipbone again, then wrapped his fingers around Abe’s dick. He didn’t actually do anything with Abe’s dick though, only held it up and out of the way to lick at Abe’s balls.

That finally got a noise out of Abe. “Fukka…” Abe couldn’t quite keep the whine out of his voice.

When Fukazawa sucked Abe’s balls into his mouth, Abe jerked in surprise, glasses nearly slipping off his nose. Fukazawa took his time, sucking on Abe’s balls and working them over with his tongue until Abe was panting and moaning his name. He finally let Abe’s balls slip out of his mouth to ask, “Ne, Abecchi. Why do you keep your glasses on? Is it because you want to see clearly when I wrap my lips around your dick, or is it just because you know kinky you look, naked, horny and wearing your cute glasses?”

Abe’s blush deepened, cheeks blazing red. “I just forgot.”


“How about a group discount?” Iwamoto asked, drunk enough to nearly trip over his sword.

Kimono nearly sliding off one very pale shoulder, Watanabe looked the five samurai over. Four of them looked drunk enough that it was unlikely they could even get it up. The only one who was standing more or less upright was staring at his face in open surprise.

“Shota?!” Miyadate gasped, nearly dropping Abe and Sakuma to the muddy ground in his surprise. “You’re-”

Date: 2016-02-13 11:52 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I enjoyed reading these drabbles, they're very hot! ;)

My favorite one is the Abe-sama one, I always think there is something underneath the layer of good boy Abe ;)

The last DateNabe one makes me wonder about their relationship, I'm hoping you will be able the expand on it :P

Thanks for the enjoyable read!

Date: 2016-05-04 05:15 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Sorry for the late reply! Lj didn't tell me there was a comment!

Ahaha yes, Abe must be secretly a weirdo, how else could he fit in with that group of weirdos so well?

Thanks for commenting!


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