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Title: Shower Adventures
Characters/Pairings: Sakuma/Iwamoto
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Just a bit of shower fun.
Author's Note: There's a bunch of other things I should have been writing today, but [ profile] su_jin kept talking about Iwamoto's muscles...

Without a second thought, Iwamoto ducked into Sakuma’s shower. There were already quiet little moans coming from the shower Watanabe and Miyadate were sharing, and while Sakuma was quite a bit louder than those two, anyone who intended to stay in JE for any length of time would have to get used to weird noises coming from showers, dressing rooms and hotel rooms anyway.

“Hikaru~” Sakuma greeted him, looking adorably rumpled with his wet hair hanging into his eyes.

“Hey,” Iwamoto replied, leaning down to kiss Sakuma hello. Sakuma rose onto his tip toes to meet him halfway, soap-slick hands reaching for Iwamoto. With Sakuma’s fingers digging into his biceps, Iwamoto felt no compunction about pushing Sakuma against the shower wall. If it had been anyone else, he might have asked first, but he knew Sakuma well enough to anticipate what he liked, and Sakuma’s gasp sounded entirely appreciative of the move, despite the coldness of the tiles. An unusually loud moan drifted over from Watanabe and Miyadate’s shower, Miyadate’s voice unmistakeable.

Sakuma grinned up at Iwamoto, expression playful despite the clearly lustful look in his eyes. “Hey yourself. What brings you here?”

The question was purely rhetorical - Iwamoto’s dick was already poking Sakuma in the hip, so there could really be no doubt about his intentions. Iwamoto let his actions speak for him, claiming Sakuma’s lips for another kiss, full of tongue and passion. Letting his hands wander, Iwamoto enjoyed the smooth, slick feel of Sakuma’s soaped-up skin - distracting him while he was in the middle of washing had clearly been a good move.

Sakuma’s hands moved from Iwamoto’s biceps to wrap around his shoulders, holding on tight. The sounds from the neighbouring shower were joined by little moans from Sakuma, quiet as of now but slowly getting louder as things got more intense. Iwamoto trailed kisses over Sakuma’s cheeks, brushing his lips over every single one of Sakuma’s many, pretty moles, licking at his clean skin. “So pretty,” he murmured, not caring if Sakuma could hear him over the sound of the shower and Sakuma’s own noises. It was kind of flattering how fast he could make Sakuma loud, how quickly he could reduce Sakuma to a panting, moaning bundle of need.

When his hands drifted over Sakuma’s ass, Sakuma spoke up. “Abecchi left me all nice and slick for you,” Sakuma whispered, breath puffing against Iwamoto’s ear even though Sakuma had to rise on his tip toes to get close enough. “So pick me up and fuck me already, Hikaru.”

“Mh, yeah, okay,” Iwamoto agreed, more than willing to do what Sakuma wanted. He hadn’t planned quite this far, but fucking Sakuma’s tight, hot body up against the shower wall was always more than worth the effort. Sakuma was heavier than expected for his height, but Iwamoto was strong, his biceps more than just decoration, and holding the shorter man up for a quick fuck was entirely possible for him.

Getting a good grip on Sakuma’s ass, Iwamoto lifted him up with little effort. Reaching down, Sakuma took a hold of Iwamoto’s big dick and guided him in, moaning quite loudly when the tip of Iwamoto’s dick breached his entrance. True to his word, Sakuma was already stretched and ready, letting Iwamoto’s dick in as easily as was possible considering its exceptional size. It was quite a bit bigger than Abe’s dick, but Sakuma was used to getting fucked by every member of Snow Man and had no problem adjusting to the length and girth of Iwamoto’s cock.

“Ready?” Iwamoto asked when he was buried ballsdeep inside Sakuma. He was pinning Sakuma against the wall with his weight, shamelessly taking advantage of their position and his height.

Sakuma clenched tight around Iwamoto experimentally. “I’m good.”

“You really are,” Iwamoto agreed, drawing back and thrusting in deep. His own happy groan was quite lost under all the noise Sakuma was making, which was almost drowning out Miyadate’s breathless moans that kept drifting over from the other other shower. Finding a good rhythm, Iwamoto proceeded to fuck Sakuma fast and deep, pounding the smaller man into the wall with reckless abandon. Sakuma’s sweet moans goaded him on, encouraging him to go faster, harder.

Pinned to the wall, with his legs around Iwamoto’s hips, there wasn’t much Sakuma could do, but what little he could do, he did with enthusiasm. He clenched his inner muscles rhythmically, just a bit faster than the pace Iwamoto was setting, not-so-subtly encouraging Iwamoto to speed up. His fingers dug into Iwamoto’s shoulders, not so much because he was afraid to fall and more because he needed to do something, anything, with his hands - Sakuma liked getting fucked, but he didn’t particularly enjoy being passive. Riding a nice, hard dick was much more his thing, though he did enjoy this demonstration of Iwamoto’s strength quite a bit and wallsex was definitely nice enough.

The sounds from the other shower reached a peak and then ceased, leaving Sakuma’s loud moans the only noise beside the quiet splash of water. Iwamoto grinned at having outlasted Miyadate’s infamous stamina, ignoring the fact that he’d started quite a bit later than the other. With the distractions out of the way now, Iwamoto concentrated on the tight squeeze of Sakuma’s body, on Sakuma’s soft skin and hard muscles, on Sakuma’s pretty moles and dirty moans. Each thrust of his hips went deep, shoving as deep into the welcoming heat of Sakuma’s body as was humanly possible.

“Mh, yeah,” Sakuma moaned, “oh, yeah, Hikaru, oh.” A neverending stream of pleased moans and encouragement escaped Sakuma’s lips, driving Iwamoto slowly crazy.

“Come on, touch yourself,” Iwamoto suggested. He could have gone on quite a bit longer, but he had a bit of a thing for watching Sakuma touch himself, not to mention that it would be much easier if Sakuma got himself off - with the slippery floor of the shower, Iwamoto would rather not risk the balancing act that holding Sakuma up with one hand would require.

“Okay, okay,” Sakuma agreed and wrapped his left arm more securely around Iwamoto’s shoulders in preparation for moving his right arm. He pinched Iwamoto’s nipples on the way down, then curled his fingers around his own dick, which wasn’t nearly as big as Iwamoto’s, not that either of them cared about that. Sakuma was secure in the knowledge that he was skilled enough to make Iwamoto (and most other people) scream no matter the size of his dick, while Iwamoto had a not exactly secret kink for small dicks.

Now that Sakuma was stroking himself in addition to getting fucked by Iwamoto, Sakuma’s moans rose in pitch, though luckily for Iwamoto’s ears with the rise in pitch came a decrease in volume. High, breathy moans, more air than sound fell from Sakuma’s lips, breath hitching every time Iwamoto snapped his hips.

When Sakuma came, Iwamoto made sure to watch the whole thing - Sakuma’s pretty moles stood out even more when his face was flushed red, and he looked incredible with his head thrown back and his come pulsing over his fingers. Iwamoto groaned, suddenly really close himself. No matter how good it looked, it felt even better to have Sakuma clench tight around him, the hot squeeze of Sakuma’s body irresistible. It took only a few more deep, desperate thrusts for Iwamoto to come as well.

Having spent himself, Iwamoto rested like that for a minute - the wall was taking enough of Sakuma’s weight that holding him up wasn’t an issue, but setting him down safely wasn’t exactly possible just at the moment. Sakuma didn’t seem to be in a hurry to go anywhere either, content to caress Iwamoto’s shoulders and arms for however long it took for Iwamoto to collect himself enough to set him down.

When Sakuma finally stood on his own feet again, he raised his arms above his head and stretched. “Wash my back?” he asked.

“Sure,” Iwamoto agreed. He’d gotten Sakuma all sweaty, so it was only fair if he helped him clean up again, not to mention that it was his come dripping slowly down Sakuma’s inner thighs. If he took his time and washed Sakuma’s body really thoroughly, they might even get a second session in. After all, there could never be too much shower sex.
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Date: 2016-04-27 03:01 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Snowman going at it hard, fast, and casually is always the best, mmm. I love the fact that Iwamoto thinks he's competing with Date here, despite the fact that Date probably does not give half a damn what the other two are doing, if he's aware at all they're doing anything.

Iwamoto being strong enough to life Sakuma easily is also super appealing. As is Sakuma's canon loudness.

Date: 2016-04-27 07:53 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

I always think that Iwa and Sakuma is ex-lover.
And now Sakuma with Abebe.
and im so thank you for you mention Abebe here. lol

And this is just soooo HOT!
and for Sakuma's mole and more sexy when his face red. (Dies)

Thank you so much for sharing!!!!

Date: 2016-04-29 03:06 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Aww yes~ I'm so not sorry for talking about Iwamoto's hot bod. XD This fic is totally worth it~~

Hot wallsex and their size difference is such a kink for me. :3 I also love how NabeDate are at it in the next shower XD And how loud Sakuma is.

Date: 2016-05-03 04:47 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
This is incredibly hot! I love the descriptions of pretty Sakuma with his face flushed against his beautiful moles :P

i can totally imagined Date having infamous long stamina lol, he just seem so fit haha. I'm very keen to read what's happening in the DateNabe shower room.

And I ship AbeSaku more than IwaSaku, I hope you'll write AbeSaku next time^^


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